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Question 1

If aggregate size of 40-50 mm is to be tested for determining the proportion of elongated aggregates, the slot length of the gauge should be

Question 2

Which of the following is examined to determine the age of timber?

Question 3

Le Chatelier’s device is used for determining the:

Question 4

With an increase in the denominator of the representative fraction, the scale of the map will _____.

Question 5

Calculate the curvature correction (in m) if distance between the instrument and staff is 500 m.

Question 6

The limits of percentage of the longitudinal reiforcement in a column is:

Question 7

In limit state design for fe500 HYSD bars, the design value of strength of steel is

Question 8

In prestress the main cause of loss in stress is

Question 9

The IS code used for bar bending schedule is

Question 10

For estimation of the brick masonry, no deduction is made for the end of the rafter up to the area (square inch) of

Question 11

A rectangular simply supported beam of span 5 m is 300 mm wide and 800 mm deep. The beam is subjected to uniform load of intensity 10 kN/m. The section modulus of the beam in original position is

Question 12

When a rectangular section beam is loaded transversely along the length, maximum shear stress develops on

Question 13

Trusses and frames are different as:-

Question 14

Which of the following meters is not associated with viscosity ___________.

Question 15

According to Stoke’s Law for settling velocity of small particle and viscous flow.

Question 16

Atterberg limit tests were carried on a certain soil with the following results:
(i) Liquid Limit = 40%
(ii) Plastic Limit = 25%
(iii) Shrinkage Limit = 10%
The value of plasticity index is

Question 17

Given for a sample of a river sand:

Void ratio at the densest state = 0.30

Void ratio at the loosest state = 1.30

Which one of the following correctly represents the relative density of a sample prepared with a void ratio of 1?

Question 18

What are leaping weirs?

Question 19

If a drainage basin of 2 sq.km area has an axial length of 1 km, then the form factor of the basin will be,

Question 20

If L is the length of a rail and R is the radius of a curve, the versine h for the curve is _____.
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