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Question 1

Cut- Back bitumen

Question 2

What is the maximum height through which concrete can be poured?

Question 3

The standard size of brick as per Indian standards is _______.

Question 4

The values of whole circle bearing vary from _____.

Question 5

Determine the probable error (in m) in the circumference of a circle of radius 16.5 m with probable error in the radius of ±0.35 m.

Question 6

Distribution reinforcement in a simply supported slab is provided to distribute _____.

Question 7

The maximum permissible shear stress Description: Description: E:\Gate\SSC JE Civil Part 1\Practice-Set-3_files\image048.pnggiven in BIS :456— 1978 is based on

Question 8

In a prestressed beam carrying an external load 500 kN with a bent tendon is having angle of inclination  and prestressed load 200 kN. The net downward load at the centre is

Question 9

For 100 sq. m cement concrete (1:2:4) 4 cm thick floor, the quantity of cement required is _____.

Question 10

A wall of width 300 mm contains two T junctions. The height of the wall is 3 m and total length of the central line is 150m. Calculate the quantity of the brick work (in cubic meter) using central line method.

Question 11

The assumption in the theory of bending of beams is ________.

Question 12

The maximum dimension of a core section for a rectangular cross-section under eccentric loading on a column (b x d) is

Question 13

In the truss shown below, the force in the member AC is

Question 14

The specific speed of a pump is defined as the speed of a unit of such a size that it discharges:

Question 15

Boundary layer thickness is the distance from the surface of a solid body in the direction perpendicular to the flow, where the velocity of the fluid is equal to :

Question 16

Uniformity coefficient of filter sand is represented by

Question 17

The part of the wall on which the arch rests, is called

Question 18

If settling velocity is 1 cm/sec then corresponding surface loading in litre per day per m2 will be

Question 19

As per Lacey’s regime equation, what is the flow velocity proportional to?

Question 20

The conventional sign shown in the figure below represents a :-

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