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Question 1

The flow resistance of bitumen is determined using

Question 2

Poisson’s ratio for concrete ______.

Question 3

The strength and quality of concrete depends on –

Question 4

The scale in which three successive dimensions can be measured at a time is called _____

Question 5

Which of the following statement is correct for proper adjustment of the theodolite?

Question 6

If l1 and l2 are the lengths of long and short spans of a two way slab simply supported on four edges and carrying a load w per unit area, the ratio of the loads split into w1 and w2 acting on strips parallel to l1 and l2 is

Question 7

Pick up the correct statement from the following:

Question 8

Which of the following cable profile effectively counter balances the uniformly distributed load on the beam?

Question 9

Estimate for electrical wiring is prepared on the basis of?

Question 10

Which of the following estimate is carried out if the sanctioned estimate exceeds 5% due to the change in the price?

Question 11

A cantilever beam A with rectangular cross section is subjected to a concentrated load at its free end. If width and depth of another cantilever beam B are twice those of beam A, then the deflection at free end of the beam B compared to that of A will be:

Question 12

If the moment of inertia of a section about its axis is l and its effective sectional area is A, its radius of gyration r about the axis is

Question 13

There is no bending stresses in truss due to :

Question 14

In the hydel system, a forebay is used at the junction of _________.

Question 15

If the velocity gradient is given by θ and dynamic viscosity of the fluid is given by μ. What is the shear stress on the wall of the boundary layer in the direction of motion?

Question 16

If aggregates completely pass through a sieve of size 75 mm and are retained on a sieve of size 60 mm, the particular aggregate will be flaky if its minimum dimension is less than _____.

Question 17

A loose uniform sand with rounded grains has effective grain size of 0.05 cm. Co-efficient of permeability of the sand is _____.

Question 18

Biochemical oxygen demand is quoted at what temperature?

Question 19

Water conveyance efficiency is given as:

Question 20

The sleeper density of a BG track is (n+6) in metric units. The number of sleepers per 1024 km of track is:
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