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Question 1

Specific speed of a pump depends upon_____.

Question 2

Find the odd entry among silica fume, rice husk ash, metakaoline and ground granulated blast furnace slag with respect to cement production.

Question 3


A) The bond containing 1 brick laid with headers toward the face of wall

B) The bond containing alternate courses of stretchers and headers

C) The bond containing bricks laid with their length in the longitudinal direction of the wall

D) The bond containing alternatively stretchers and headers in each course


1) Stretcher bond

2) Header bond

3) English bond

4) Double Flemish bond

A - B - C - D

Question 4

Which type of cement is recommended in large mass concrete works such as a dam?

Question 5

Which type of brick masonry bond is provided for heavy loads on masonry?

Question 6

The two criteria for the determination of allowable bearing capacity of a foundation are ______.

Question 7

The pore water pressure in the soil sample of consolidometer test is ____________.

Question 8

Coefficient of permeability of soil varies approximately as

Question 9

The property of a soil due to which the loss in shear strength caused by remoulding can be regained with the time is known as:

Question 10

What percentage of the total cost is added in the cost of construction for contingencies?

Question 11

What percentage of total cost is added to the schedule of rates of the public work department for over-head cost?

Question 12

Calculate the primary estimate including contractor’s profit in rupees for the building having a plinth area of 1,500 square meters and a rate of Rs.2,000 per square meter.

Question 13

For the figure given, the maximum resources required in a day is

Question 14

An area of a field is 250 square centimetres from a shrunk map having shrunk factor of 0.9. Calculate the original area (square metres) on the field, if the original scale of the map is 1 cm = 50 m.

Question 15

Calculate the whole circle bearing of a line, it its reduced is

Question 16

The quadrantal bearing of the line lies in the third quadrant making angle θ in clockwise with the north is ______.

Question 17

Number of Satellites involved in the orbit for the GPS Survey technique?

Question 18

If the sum of northings of a traverse exceeds the sum of southings by 1 m and sum of eastings exceeds the sum of westings by 1 m, the resultant closing error and its true bearing are respectively,

Question 19

What will be the value of reduction factor R1 if value of Area of tributary is given to be 500ft2?

Question 20

Which of the following statement is correct for sprinkler irrigation method?
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