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Question 1

Consider the following statements:

A floating floor construction can

1) Efficiently absorb impact noise

2) Efficiently insulate against impact noise

3) Efficiently insulate against air born noise

Which of these statements are correct?

Question 2

The natural bedding plane of stones and the direction of pressure in stone masonry is:

Question 3

Bulb angles are used in ______.

Question 4

Co-efficient of wind resistance of a circular surface is?

Question 5

If lines of action of forces in a system of forces meet at a point then these forces are called as:

Question 6

The velocity of exit waste gases should be a minimum of ____ of wind speed to prevent down draught.

Question 7

A one dimensional flow is one which ________.

Question 8

What is the velocity (m/s) with which elementary wave can travel upstream, if the velocity of flow is 2 m/s and depth of flow in channel is 1 m?

Question 9

What is the depth factor in Taylor’s stability analysis if the depth of hard stratum below toe is 5m and height of slope above toe is 10 m?

Question 10

Penman’s evapo-transpiration equation is based on

Question 11

The method of irrigation adopted at places where there exists acute scarcity of irrigation water is:

Question 12

Hydrodynamic pressure due to earthquake acts at a height of

Question 13

Maximum spacing of longitudinal bars measured along the periphery of the RC column shall not exceed

Question 14

Under a given load a clay layer attains 30% degree of consolidation in 100 days. The time taken by the same clay layer to attain 60% degree of consolidation will be:

Question 15

Property of clay by which they regain a part of their strength lost due to remoulding is known as

Question 16

A beam of rectangular section 100 mm x 300 mm carries certain loads such that the Bending moment at a section A is M and at another section B it is (M+C). The distance between the sections A and B is 0.5 m and there are no external loads acting between the two sections. If the value of C is 10000 Nm, then the maximum shear stress is:

Question 17

Pedestal is a compression member, the effective length of which does not exceed

Question 18

A beam AB shown below of span 10 m and having uniform EI = 10000 kN.m2, is subjected to a rotation of 0.001 radian at end B. What is the fixed end moment at A?

Question 19

Which of the following components is not used as binder in a flexible pavement?

Question 20

The fore bearing of a line is 30 degree. Calculate the back bearing of a line (in degree).
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