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Question 1

The cross-sections for a highway is taken at _________.

Question 2

Addition of pozzolana in cement

Question 3

Read the following statements:
1) Direct cost increases with the project duration.
2) Indirect cost decreases with the project duration.
3) Rescheduling the activities so that the peak resource requirement does not exceed the available resources is called Resource smoothing.
Which of the above statements are incorrect?

Question 4

In plastic analysis, the shape factor for a triangular section is

Question 5

Conservation of momentum applies when

Question 6

To determine the sound pressure level the value of reference pressure used is

Question 7

If is density of fluid, then in case of rigid pipe, pressure of fluid due to water hammer is direct proportional to ______.

Question 8

Harbour model are based on the following law?

Question 9

A strip footing is 1 m wide at its base is located at a depth of 1m below the ground surface. The properties of soil are  and. Bearing capacity factors are? Assume the soil fails in local shear failure:

Nc = 12, Nq = 4, Nγ = 12.

Question 10

Rainfall hyetograph shows the variation of _____.

Question 11

The intensity of irrigation means

Question 12

Wheat is to be grown in field having field capacity 29% and the permanent wilting point is 15%. Find the depth of water stored in 80 cm depth of soil, if the dry unit weight of the soil is 1.5 g/cc:

Question 13

For M 15 grade concrete (1 : 2 : 4) and steel grade Fe415, the moment of resistance factor is _____.

Question 14

Base failure occurs when :

Question 15

A fully saturated capillary zone of thickness 2 m exists above water table in a fine silty sand deposit. What is the pore water pressure at 1.5 m above the water table?

Question 16

At a certain stage under elastic loading, the elongation observed was 0.03 mm, the gauge length was 150 mm and the modulus of elasticity was 2 x 105 N/mm2. What is the stress at the location?

Question 17

The area under stress strain curve represents ______.

Question 18

Calculate degree of freedom for the given frame. Consider the members are inextensible.

Question 19

The water resistance of bitumen is _______.

Question 20

In plane surveying, the effect of refraction is to
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