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Question 1

Which of the following is measured in cubic meter?

Question 2

The working stress (in N/mm2) for structural steel in tension is the order of ______.

Question 3

In construction project, the cost-slop of an activity is an indication of

Question 4

The load on a lintel is assumed as uniformly distributed if the height of the masonry above it, is up to a height of

Question 5

A body is projected vertically upwards with an initial velocity u. What will be the maximum height that it can reach?

Question 6

Activated sludge is the:

Question 7

The value of mass density in kg.sec2/m4 for water at 0 ° C is ________. (g =9.81 m/s2)

Question 8

Surge is an example of

Question 9

As the cohesion of a soil increases

Question 10

A hydraulic structure is designed for 20 years of flood. The probability that flow will be exceeded in next two years in this structure is

Question 11

The meander pattern of a river is developed by

Question 12

Pick up the correct statement from the following ________.

Question 13

Concordant profile in a PSC beam is similar to

Question 14

The coefficient of uniformity for well graded sand must be greater than ____.

Question 15

In a falling head permeability test, the time taken for head to fall from 27 cm to 3 cm is 10 minutes, if the test is repeated with the same initial head i.e. 27 cm then what time would it take for head to fall to 9 cm?

Question 16

A circular surface area 200 cm2 is inclined to the x and y axes such that the unit vector normal to the surface is given by n = 0.4i + 0.3j. If a force of 2000 kg acts on the x-axis, then the normal stress on the surface will be:

Question 17

Refer Rankine’s empirical correlation for buckling load of an intermediate column. The value of constant and will be least for a column made of ______.

Question 18

Four identical beams AE, BE, CE and DE have been rigidly jointed at E as shown in the figure below. The point C slips and rotates along with member firmly fixed at E.

Which of the following is correct?

Question 19

Which of the following is not a hill road classification as per The Border Roads Organisation?

Question 20

The relationship between tropical year TY and sidereal year SY is
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