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Question 1

A beam AB ¡s fixed at both ends and carries a uniformly distributed load of intensity W per unit length run over its entire length. Due to some construction defects, the end B is now reduced to a simple support. The percentage increase in bending moment at A is:

Question 2

What is the ordinate of influence line at point B as shown in the following figure:-

Question 3

The strength of concrete is directly proportional:

Question 4

Total float can be expressed as :
(a) latest start time – earliest start time
(b) latest finish time – earliest finish time
Answer options:

Question 5

The yield stress of mild steel of normally rolled structural steel is about (in N/mm2):

Question 6

Choose the most correct statement for pipe in series problems:-

Question 7

For a catchment area of 120 km2, the equilibrium discharge in m3/hour of an S-curve obtained by the summation of 6 hour unit hydrograph is

Question 8

Switch angle depends on

Question 9

Calculate the corrected staff reading at point A, if the staff reading is taken from an instrument which is set at a distance of 1.5 km from the point A 3.46

Question 10

How much is the covering capacity of cement paint?

Question 11

The relationship between the capital recovery factor and sinking fund factor in a uniform series of payment is given by

Question 12

Factor of safety is the ratio of

Question 13

Most common method of prestressing used for factory production is:

Question 14

If the value of uniformity coefficient of a soil sample is nearly equal to one. This sample will be designated as:-

Question 15

If the Froude number of a hydraulic jump is 5.50, it can be classified as

Question 16

The probability that a 100 year flood is equalled or exceeded at once in 100 year is

Question 17

Which of the following is used in a regular pavement maintenance activity?

Question 18

The least count of a theodolite is ___.

Question 19

A raingauge recorded hourly rainfall as 5 cm, 2 cm, 4 cm and 3 cm for a four hour storm respectively. If the ϕ index was 3 cm/hour, the total direct runoff from a catchment for the storm was

Question 20

A crop requires a total water depth of 90 cm for a base period of 120 days. The discharge required to irrigate the crop in 2880 hectares is
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