SSC MTS Questions Asked 9th August 2019 (All Shifts)

By Rahul Chadha|Updated : August 9th, 2019

Read all the subject-wise actual Questions Asked in SSC MTS Exam held Today i.e. 9th August 2019. To help you know the level of the questions asked in all the three shifts of MTS Exam, we are sharing section-wise real questions which actually appeared in the MTS  exam.

This post will be useful for all the candidates who are yet to appear for SSC MTS or upcoming SSC Exams 2019. 

 SSC MTS Question Asked 9 August 2019 (All Shifts)

  • Who was awarded Grand Collar of the State of Palestine for the year 2018? Narendra Modi
  • Which article is related to the right to personal life and liberty? Article 21
  • One question relayed to the Railw budget which was merged from 2017-18
  • Name of Common Salt? Sodium Chloride
  • The lion-tailed macaque also known as ___, is an Old World monkey endemic to the Western Ghats of South India? The Bruh
  • One question related to the period in which Ostriches were first found in India
  • In which country Summer Olympics 2020 will be held? Japan 
  • Who is president of Indian overseas bank? K Swaminathan
  • One question related to the Properties sound wave
  • Where os Kandla Port located? Gujarat
  • Atomic symbol of lead? Pb
  • One question related to ICC Test Championship
  • Synonyms of Resemble
  • Synonyms of Remember
  • The largest deposit of which mineral is found in Balaghat in Madhya Pradesh? Copper
  • Tansen Samaroh is celebrated in which city? Gwalior
  • Lavani Folk Dance of which state? Maharashtra
  • Who built sheesh mahal Patiala? Maharaja Narinder Singh
  • Who is the HRD minister of India? Ramesh Pokhriyal
  • When was first Earth Summit held?
  • Which among the following articles is related to the manner of election of President? Article 5
  • Who was the president of India at the time of emergency in 1975? Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed
  • Who wrote the Book "Revolution 2020"? Chetan Bhagat
  • Folk dance form of Haryana-  Swang
  • Swati Singh is associated with which sports? Indian weightlifter
  • Khadar soil is-  new deposits of alluvium soil on the floodplains
  • In which year Pranab Mukherjee won Loksabha elections? 2004
  • Anandmath is written by - Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay
  • Which of the following is a saturated carbon compound- Butane ( Butane, Pentene, Acetylene, Benzene)
  • Ramsar convention related to - Wetland conservation
  • One question on Green Revolution
  • One question on fairs of Himachal Pradesh
  • Who attacked Somnath Temple? Mahmud Ghazni
  • Full form of MoU- Memorandum of Understanding
  • Central Rural Sanitation Programme launched in - 1986
  • No of members in a drafting committee of constitution- 7
  • What is the source of Bhagirathi river- Ganga
  • Which of the following is a nationalized bank- Allahabad bank, PNB, Bandhan Bank, Dena Bank
  • Who is the CEO of Nokia? Rajiv Suri
  • Who is the current Defense Minister? Rajnath Singh
  • Union Territory is mentioned in which Part of the constitution? Part VIII
  • Idioms- At one's wit end- confused or perplexed
  • Idiom- Wild Goose Chase- Unsuccessful search/ Vain Attempt
  • Synonym- Aroma- Scent
  • Spelling- Committee
  • Spelling- Anniversary
  • One who thinks he can easily cheat or befool others- Fraud

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Sujata Kumari
plzz shareee anyone

KamalAug 10, 2019

9/8/2019 3rd shift all question
1 Test ranking number one
2 Mouma Das- Table Tennish
3 Cm of chhattisgarh
4 Foodball started in which country
5 Chemical name of salt
6 Chunav aayog ka adhyaksh
7 Grand collar of the state of palestine
8 Ladhak situated between
9 When Rail Budget merged in Union budget
10 when add Article 9(a)
11 Article 21
12  Son nadi kiski sahayak nadi hai
Vandana Raj

Vandana RajAug 10, 2019

Kya qstns repeat bhi ho rhe hai ?
Gourav Jangra
Manner of president election is under article 55 not 5
Jaipal Bhatti
Hindi pdf milegi sir
Lucky Yadav

Lucky YadavAug 16, 2019

Aur dates ke exam ka qus nhi h kyu?
Dilshad Alam Ansari
Sir 9 august ke bad ke review
Deepak Kumar

Deepak KumarAug 20, 2019

Plz ye hindi me hota to acha rahta
Saloni Priya

Saloni PriyaAug 20, 2019

Sir appne analysis dena band kr diya 9 ke baad...avi exam khatam hui nhi meri 22 ko hi plz help

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