Most Expected SSC MTS English Questions & Topics, Download PDF

By Ashwini Shivhare|Updated : July 4th, 2022

Most Expected SSC MTS English Questions & Topics, shared in this article, would be extremely crucial for the candidates who are appearing for the upcoming SSC MTS Tier 1 Exam. Candidates are in the last leg of their preparation and have already completed the revision. Knowing SSC MTS English questions and answers provided below would help you go through the important topics and questions that you might come across in the SSC MTS 2022 exam. Also, you can download the SSC MTS English Questions & Answers PDF to revise the syllabus again!

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SSC MTS English Important Topics 2022

A total of 25 SSC MTS English questions will be asked out of the total 100 questions in the Computer-based exam. Given below we have mentioned the important English topics and their question weightage in the SSC MTS 2022 based on the analysis of the SSC MTS previous year papers.  

  • Idiom and Phrases- 2 questions
  • Sentence Improvement- 2 questions
  • One Word Substitution- 2 questions
  • Spelling Correction- 2 questions
  • Reading Comprehension- 5 questions
  • Spotting error- 5 questions
  • Fill in the blanks- 5 questions
  • Antonyms- 1 question
  • Synonyms- 1 question

Most Expected SSC MTS English Questions 2022

To assist you in preparing for the SSC MTS paper 1 exam 2022, we are providing you with the most expected SSC MTS English questions PDF. Candidates can download the PDF at their convenience and save them for the future. Please refer to the SSC MTS English PDF provided below.

1. Select the most appropriate synonym of the given word.


  1. Idealist
  2. Pessimist
  3. Critic
  4. Distinct

Ans. A

2. Select the word which means the same as the group of words given.

One who can't speak

  1. Orphan
  2. Quiet
  3. Dumb
  4. Bevy

Ans. C

3. Select the most appropriate meaning of the given idiom.

Over my dead body

  1. Erecting a grave stone
  2. Inheriting to fortune
  3. Opposing something fiercely
  4. Threatening to kill oneself

Ans. C

4. Choose the correctly spelt word.

  1. Finencially
  2. Financialy
  3. Finantially
  4. Financially

Ans. D

5. Select the word which means the same as the group of words given.

One who studies the evolution of mankind

  1. Dermatologist
  2. Anthropologist
  3. Sociologist
  4. Archaeologist

Ans. B

SSC MTS English Questions and Answers PDF

SSC MTS English is one of the most scoring sections of the Tier 1 exam. It is less time-consuming and candidates can attempt all 25 questions within 10-15 minutes if they know all the answers. So, to help you boost your speed and score maximum marks from this section, here we have provided the direct link to download the SSC MTS English Questions and Answers PDF. You can simply download it and start attempting it.

Most Expected SSC MTS English Questions PDF

SSC MTS Previous Year English Questions

Practising SSC MTS previous years English questions help candidates anticipate the kinds of questions that are expected to be asked in the upcoming Tier 1 of the Multi-Taking Staff  Exam. You can check out and attempt SSC MTS previous years English questions from the direct link given below to increase your confidence and improve your performance in Paper 1 of the MTS exam 2022.

Download SSC MTS Previous Years English Questions

Tips to Solve SSC MTS English Questions 2022

Here are useful quick tips you may use to attempt English questions in the SSC Multi Tasking Staff Tier 1 exam 2022

  • Try to solve questions based on Vocabulary as questions like Fill in the Blanks, Cloze Test, Synonyms, Antonyms, etc, are based on the usage of the vocabulary. You can simply download the SSC MTS Exam English Language Vocabulary here. 
  • Revise important English grammar questions to correctly answer questions based on Sentence correction/ Spotting the error and Sentence or Phrase Improvement.
  • Practice English questions that were asked in the SSC MTS previous years papers as SSC repeats questions. 
  • While answering the General English questions, candidates are encouraged not to spend more than one minute on any one question. Answering General English Questions can help you read more quickly and accurately.
  • Avoid risky guesses.

So, this is all you need to know about the most expected SSC MTS English Questions & topics! Stay tuned with us to get all the latest updates on SSC MTS exam.


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  • SSC MTS English questions account for around one-fourth of the total weightage, i.e. 25 questions in tier-1 of the Multi-Tasking exam. These questions are asked based on vocabulary, grammar and reading comprehension.

  • Some of the important English topics for the SSC MTS Paper 1 exam are Idiom and Phrases, Sentence Improvement, One Word Substitution, Spelling Correction, Reading Comprehension, Spotting Error, Fill in the Blanks, Antonyms, Synonyms.

  • Candidates can download SSC MTS English questions PDF from the direct link provided in the above article. All of the important English questions that are expected to appear in the SSC MTS 2022 Paper 1 exam are included in the PDF.

  • English vocabulary questions that are asked in the SSC MTS stage 1 Computer Based Exam are the following: synonyms-antonyms, idioms and phrases, one-word substitutions

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