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SSC JE: Surveying Quiz- 6

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Question 1

The RL of a floor level is 45 m and staff reading on the floor is 1.025 m. The staff reading when held vertical touching the roof slab comes out to be 2.025 m. What is the floor height?

Question 2

Determine the probable error (in m) in the circumference of a circle of radius 16.5 m with probable error in the radius of ±0.35 m.

Question 3

The whole circle bearings of line OA and OB are 18°15’ and 335°45’ respectively. What is the value of included angle AOB?

Question 4

In levelling of a continuously sloping ground, 4 points (A, B, C and D) reading without any obstruction were taken with a dumpy level and a 4 m levelling staff at 30 m intervals. The readings of points A, B, C and D are 0.680 m, 1.455 m, 1.855 m and 2.330 m respectively. The Reduced level of D point was 79.100 m. The reduced Level of the point A is:

Question 5

A surveyor measured the distance between two points marked on the plan drawn to a scale of 1 cm = 1 m (Representative fraction = 1:100) and found it to be 180 m. Later he detected that he used a wrong scale 1cm = 0.90 m (Representative fraction = 1:90) for the measurement. The correct length is

Question 6

How high should a helicopter pilot rise at a point A just to see the horizon at point B, if the distance AB is 100 km?

Question 7

Which of the following statement is correct for the principle of surveying?

Question 8

In an old map, a line AB was drawn to a magnetic bearing of 2030', the magnetic declination at that time being 10 East. If the present magnetic declination is 4030' East, the line should be set to a magnetic bearing of

Question 9

What is the purpose of conducting the resection method in the plane table surveying?

Question 10

Calculate the number of division of the main scale that is equal to the 8 divisions of the extended vernier.

Question 11

How much refraction correction (in m) is required for a distance of 500 m?
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