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SSC JE : Non-Technical Quiz 17

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Question 1

Which organization of UNO aims at building space through International Cooperation of Education, Science and Culture?

Question 2

Which country has the world's largest reserves of Uranium?

Question 3

Which of the following element is not present in Gun Metal Alloy?

Question 4

Which Sikh Guru compiled the `Adi Granth' the holy scripture of Sikhism?

Question 5

Which one of the following is NOT an operating system?

Question 6

What is the focal length of a lens if its power is -4:

Question 7

'Bali Jatra' trade fair is organized every year by which of the following state?

Question 8

What is the capital of Laos?

Question 9

Least distance of distinct vision for normal eye is_______.

Question 10

Who set up Hindu College at Calcutta which later became Presidency College in 1855?

Question 11

In the following question, select the related number from the given alternatives.

57416: 68527 :: 64784: ?

Question 12

In the question below, two statements are given, followed by two conclusions that may or may not follow. From the options below, choose the one that reflects the correct choice of conclusions that follow:

1. Company X provides a cab service to its employees, which is why they are punctual to work.
2. Company Y does not provide cab service to its employees.

I. The employees of Company Y are not punctual to work.
II. If Company X did not provide cab service, its employees might have not been as punctual to work as they currently are.

Question 13

In the following question, select the related number from the given alternatives.

Question 14

Select the Venn diagram that best illustrates the relationship between the following three classes.

President, Female, Country

Question 15

A series is given with one term missing. Select the correct alternative from the given ones that will complete the series.
1161, 1164, 1168, 1173, 1179, ?

Question 16

Nikhil is the father-in-law of Tara. Tara is the wife of Rahul. How is Rahul's brother related to Nikhil?

Question 17

Select the odd number from the given alternatives.

Question 18

In a certain code language, “EXCITED" is written as "DETICXE". How is "KINLEY" written in that code language?

Question 19

P starts from a point and walks towards the North for a certain distance and then takes her right and walks for a certain distance. She again takes her left and walks for a certain distance and finally takes her left and moves forward. In which direction is P moving forward?

Question 20

Bablu is the brother of Dablu. Manu is the sister of Bablu. Kamya is the mother of Manu. Rahul is the husband of Kamya. How is Dablu related to Rahul?
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