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SSC-JE ME || Thermodynamics Quiz 3

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Question 1

Two Carnot heat engines are operating in series such that the heat sink of the first engine serves as the heat source of the second one. It the source temperature of the first engine is 1327 °C, the sink temperature of the second engine is 127 °C, and the thermal efficiency of both the engines are the same, the temperature of the intermediate reservoir is:

Question 2

The latent heat of vaporization of a fluid at 100K is 2560 KJ/kg. What is the change of entropy associated with the evaporation?

Question 3

When a reversible process undergoes a complete cycle then the change of entropy will be

Question 4

In a Carnot Engine, when working substance gives heat to the sink_____

Question 5

A reversible heat engine works between two thermal reservoir having source temperature 777°C & sink temp. 27°C. If the heat supplied to engine 70 kW. Calculate the work done by the engine ___________.

Question 6

Heat pump is a device which ________.

Question 7

Perpetual motion machine of second kind violates the

Question 8

A reversible heat engine is operated between two thermal reservoir having source and sink temperature 227°C and 27ׄ°C respectively and produced work. If this work is supplied to a reversible device which is used to maintain a space higher than the environment temperature. If heat supplied to heat engine is 10 kJ and heat extracted from low temperature reservoir is 8 kJ: Then the temperature of the devised maintained space in (ºC) __________.

Question 9

Two heat engines are connected in series in such a way that rejected heat of 1st engine is directly fed to 2nd engine. If the source temperature is 1600 K and sink temperature is 400 K. Then calculate intermediate temperature If both the engine have same efficiency.

Question 10

If a system undergoes an irreversible adiabatic process, then (symbols have usual meanings)
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