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Question 1

A dimensionless quantity that connects the link between velocity flow field and the temperature field is

Question 2

What are the dimensions of kinematic viscosity of a fluid?

Question 3

The equation of motion of a body which starts from rest and moves in straight line is

S = t4 + 2t2 + 5

Here S is displacement in m and t is time in s. Its velocity (in m/s) after 2 sec is

Question 4

Which of the following is an irreversible cycle?

Question 5

Find the forces in the member BD of the truss shown in the figure below: (All forces are in kN):

Question 6

A counter flow heat exchanger is used to heat water from 20 °C to 80 °C by using hot exhaust gas entering at 140 °C and leaving at 80 °C. The log mean temperature difference for the heat exchanger is

Question 7

A journal Bearing of diameter 40 mm and length 60 mm operating at 1200 rpm carries a load of 3 KN. If, the viscosity of lubricant is 0.05 Pa-sec, calculate the Summerfield number of bearing for a radial clearance of 40 μm.

Question 8

Work done in a free expansion process is:

Question 9

In which one of the following processes, in a closed system the thermal energy transferred to a gas is completely converted to internal energy resulting in an increase in gas temperature?

Question 10

Which of the following governors does not have central load attached to their sleeves?

Question 11

There are two castings, one is a cube and other is a slab. Both are made up of same material and also have same volume. The slab dimensions are in the ratio of 1:3:9. The ratio of solidification time of cube to slab will be:

Question 12

What does the reversed ideal Stirling cycle consist of?

Question 13

Priming is necessary in

Question 14

Which gas power cycle consists of four processes during which work alone is transferred during two processes and heat alone is transferred during the other two processes?

Question 15

A shaft of circular X-S/C transmits 50 kW of power At 600 rpm. if the permissible shear stress of shaft material is 50 MPa, what will be the diameter of the shaft in mm?

Question 16

A shaft carrying three rotors at ends will have following number of nodes.

Question 17

Which of the following statement is INCORRECT?

Question 18

The main constituents of soldering alloy are

Question 19

A body of weight 50 N placed on a horizontal surface is just moved by a force of 28.2 N. The frictional force and normal reaction are :-

Question 20

In a steady flow of an oil in a pipe in the fully developed laminar regime, the shear stress is
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