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SSC-JE ME || Technical Quiz 7

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Question 1

The micro-structure of α ferrite iron is ________.

Question 2

In a two-dimensional flow, the component of the velocity along the X-axis and the Y-axis are u = ax2 + bxy and v = cxy +dy2. What should be the condition for the flow field to be continuous?

Question 3

The ratio of average speed to the average velocity

Question 4

Standard time represents ________.

Question 5

Which of the following is true for a black body?

Question 6

A shaft carrying 5 rotors will have following no. of nodes

Question 7

In which type of test the capillary action principle is used?

Question 8

The instantaneous centre of a rigid thin disc rolling on a plane rigid surface is located at

Question 9

In context with stream line, choose the wrong statement, Stream line is

Question 10

The property of a material by which it can be drawn into thin wires is?

Question 11

For a closed system, if the index of compression ‘n’ is increased, the work required for compression will

Question 12

For any part of the beam, between two concentrated load Shear force diagram is a __________.

Question 13

What is the size of rivet required to join plates of 4mm?

Question 14

Which of the following is the type of lathe?

Question 15

Effective length for a column is more under which of the following condition?

Question 16

In a flow process, the work transfer may be of which type?

Question 17

In a kinematic chain, a quaternary joint is equivalent to________.

Question 18

If  find acceleration at t = 3 sec in (m/s2)

Question 19

Which point on the stress strain curve occurs just after the proportionality limit?

Question 20

Auto collimator is used to check
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