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SSC-JE ME || Technical Quiz 4

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Question 1

Which one of the following process conditions leads to higher MRR in ECM process?

Question 2

When a horse pull a cart, the force that helps the horse to move forward is exerted by

Question 3

Which one of the following law is not related to heat transfer?

Question 4

If the enthalpy drop in the moving blades and fixed blades of a steam turbine is 10 kJ/kg and 15 kJ/kg respectively then what is the degree of reaction?

Question 5

A dummy activity _________.

Question 6

If Prandtl number is greater than 1, then which of the following statement is correct?

Question 7

Which of the following mechanism is an exact straight line mechanism?

Question 8

Change in enthalpy for small temperature change Description: Description: Practice-Set-4_files\image132.pngfor ideal gas for unit mass is expressed by the relation.

Question 9

The angle of taper in outer raceway in standard taper roller bearings

Question 10

In conventional casting process chaplets are used____.

Question 11

Rankine’s theory is good for____.

Question 12

A shaft has a dimension Φ The respective value of fundamental deviation and tolerance are

Question 13

A part of a member is said to be in pure bending if

Question 14

Bernoulli’s equation states that_____.

Question 15

What are the co-ordinates of center of Mohr’s circle for an element subjected to two mutually perpendicular stresses one tensile of magnitude 80MPa and other compressive of magnitude 50MPa?

Question 16

The critical temperature for water is

Question 17

The maximum magnitude of the unbalance force along the line parallel to the line of stroke is called.

Question 18

If the cutting ratio (r) and rake angle (α) is given then which the following equation should use to calculate shear angle (ϕ)

Question 19

For a circular shaft of diameter d subjected to torque T, the maximum value of the shear stress is.

Question 20

Critical radius of insulation for cylinder is given by _________.
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