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SSC-JE ME || Technical Quiz 25

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Question 1

A heat transfer process is to be carried out in an enclosed container. If all the air present in it is extracted using a Vacuum pump, the mode by which heat transfer can take place is;

Question 2

In electro discharge machining (EDM), if the thermal conductivity of tool is high and the specific heat of work piece is low, then the tool wear rate and material removal rate are expected to be respectively

Question 3

The path of point of contact in involute gears is a

Question 4

Which of the following material has low value of coefficient of linear thermal expansion

Question 5

Two fluids 1 and 2 have mass densities of ρ1 and ρ2 respectively. If ρ1 > ρ2, which one of the following expressions will represent the relation between their specific volumes v1 and v2?

Question 6

What is the chart that determines production schedule called?

Question 7

Maximum deflection in case of a cantilever beam carrying uniformly distributed load w per unit length will be

Question 8

The region of safety in maximum shear stress theory contains which of the given shape

Question 9

The coefficient of restitution is the ratio of _________.

Question 10

The heat transfer coefficient of a fluid across a brick wall of 15 cm thickness and thermal conductivity 0.10 W/m-K is 30 W/m2-K. The overall heat transfer coefficient (W/m2-K) will be closer to

Question 11

Under certain cutting conditions, doubling the cutting speed reduces the tool life to of tile original. Taylor’s tool life index (n) for this tool-work piece combination will be __________

Question 12

elongation of a cylindrical bar due to self weight is directly proportional to ,

(where d is the diameter)

Question 13

In pressure compounding, steam is passed through

Question 14

The fixed point/points for Celsius temperature scale is/are:
( After 1954 Temperature measurement)

Question 15

For an incompressible fluid does density vary with temperature and pressure?

Question 16

Which one of the following is a reversible process?

Question 17

Correct decreasing order of surface hardness

1) Nitriding

2) Cyaniding

3) Carburizing

Question 18

Which of the following system of working was introduced Frederick W. Taylor?

Question 19

The availability (A) of a given system is defined as the ____ work that is obtainable in a process in which system comes to equilibrium with its surroundings.

Question 20

A four-bar chain has_______.
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