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SSC-JE ME || Technical Quiz 24

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Question 1

The triple point on a T-S diagram is

Question 2

The device used to measure the fluid pressure is _________.

Question 3

If n = number of members and j = number of joints, then for a perfect frame, n =

Question 4

Which of the following can be used for power transmission in intersecting shafts.

Question 5

Which of the following is the advantage of line organisation?

Question 6

Which of these can be the first operation in powder metallurgy?

Question 7

Availability function for a steady flow system is given by

Question 8

A wall of thickness 0.6 m has a normal area 2 m2 and is made up of material of thermal conductivity 0.5 W/mk. The temperature on the two sides are 900 °C and 200 °C what is the thermal resistance of the wall?

Question 9

The dynamic load Carrying Capacity of a ball bearing is increased to 3 times without any change in the equivalent load, then life of the bearing will increase to

Question 10

Which of the product out of A, B & C is in profit at the production of 1700 units?

Question 11

A solid circular shaft is subjected to pure torsion. The ratio of maximum shear stress to maximum normal stress at any point would be

Question 12

Vacancy defects in solids is a sub type of _________.

Question 13

The centre of gravity of a right circular solid cone of height h lies at the following distance from the base:

Question 14

Which Thermodynamics law predicts correctly, about the feasibility/directionality of the process __________?

Question 15

PQRS is a four-bar mechanism in which PQ = 10 cm and RS = 15 cm. At an instant, both PQ and RS are perpendicular to fixed link PS. If velocity of Q at this condition is V, then the velocity of R is

Question 16

Laminar flow in pipe, the maximum velocity is found to be 60 cm/sec. The average velocity of the flow (in cm/sec) is________.

Question 17

Which of the following condition signifies the zero heat storage

Question 18

Elastic limit is the point

Question 19

A machine gun of mass 25 kg fires a bullet of mass 30 gram with a velocity of 250 m/s. The velocity (in m/s) with which the machine gun will recoil is ___.

Question 20

For the velocity potential function (∅)= 2x2 – 3y2. Find the velocity components at x = 3 and y = 5_____.
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