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SSC-JE ME || Technical Quiz 18

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Question 1

Two non-collinear parallel equal forces acting in opposite direction

Question 2

In a two-dimensional flow, the component of the velocity along the X-axis is u = ax2 + bxy + cy2. If v = 0 at y = 0, what will be the velocity component in the Y-direction?

Question 3

Which of the following non – dimensional numbers is used for transition from laminar to turbulent flow in free convection?

Question 4

The displacement of slider in a single slider crank chain is given by

Question 5

MRP stands for

Question 6

If compressive yield stress and tensile yield stress are equivalent, then region of safety from maximum principal stress theory is of which shape?

Question 7

The leaks in a refrigeration system using Freon are detected by which of the following method?

Question 8

The ratio of thermal conductivity to electrical conductivity is equal to _______.

Question 9

The length, coefficient of thermal expansion and Young’s modulus of bar A are twice of bar B. If the temperature of both bars is increased by the same amount while preventing any expansion, then the ratio of stress developed in bar A to that in bar B will be

Question 10

Too high welding current in arc welding would result in

Question 11

Component of outlet velocity in direction of jet in curved vane is (-VCosθ). What does ‘θ’ indicate?

Question 12

The equation  holds good for

Question 13

Torsion bars are in parallel

Question 14

The motion of a particle is defined by the relation x=(5t2/2) - 20t+10, where x and t are expressed in meters and seconds respectively. The position x of the particle at zero velocity is-

Question 15

A long helical spring having a spring stiffness of 10 kN/m and number of turns 20, breaks into two parts of the resultant stiffness spring will be.

Question 16

Basic shaft and basic hole are those whose upper deviations and lower deviations respectively are

Question 17

In a single slider crank mechanism, obliquity ratio is given by

Question 18

Mean rate of consumption during lead time (R) multiplied by mean lead time (L) is equal to

Question 19

Which cycle is used in pulse jet engine?

Question 20

The dimension of kinematic viscosity (v) is
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