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Question 1

Which of the following represent the correct order of stage of control phase in production control?

Question 2

The non-dimensional temperature distribution (T-T)/(T0-T) along a fin with insulated tip is equal to

Question 3

What happens to the buoyant force acting on the airship as it rises in the air?

Question 4

For Klein’s construction, the necessary conditions are

Question 5

A belt pulley of 200 mm diameter such that the ratio of tension in tight side and slack side is 1.2. The maximum tension in the belt not to exceed 240 kN. Speed of the pulley is 60 rpm. Find the safe power that can be transmitted by the pulley __________.

Question 6

Point of contra-flexure is a

Question 7

Moment of Inertia of a right circular thin cylinder of radius r and mass M about its axis is given by

Question 8

Offset of tailstock is done for_____

Question 9

A polytropic process having polytropic index 1 for an ideal gas, indicates it to be

Question 10

What is the gearing ratio for cutting R.H. threads of 3.5mm pitch on a lathe having lead screw of 6mm pitch ______?

Question 11

A beaker is filled with a liquid up to the mark of one litre and weighed. The weight of the liquid is found to be 6.5 N. The specific weight of the liquid will be

Question 12

Steam Power Plants are more popular in electric power generation because

Question 13

Following figure represents the stress strain curve for a ductile material.

Point B represents

Question 14

In ABC analysis, which type of inventories is most valuable?

Question 15

Which of the following provides foundation for the whole machine?

Question 16

Select the wrong statement(s):

1) Prandtl number is a property of fluid

2) Reynold’s number plays a significant role in free convection

3) Grashoff number is used in forced convection

4) Peclet number is the product of Reynold number and Prandtl number

Question 17

Internal forces are not shown on a free body diagram because the internal forces are

Question 18

Which of the following is the function of nozzle?

Question 19

The angular velocity of link PQ is 15 rad/s counter-clockwise. The magnitude of the relative sliding velocity (in m/s) of slider Q with respect to rigid link RS is (Consider the length of link PQ as 250 mm)

Question 20

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