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SSC-JE ME || Technical Quiz 14

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Question 1

If the thermal efficiency of a Carnot heat engine is 40%, then Co-efficient of performance of a refrigerator working within same temperature limits would be:

Question 2

In centerless grinding, workpiece is supported by ________.

Question 3

Which of the following is an example of Positive contact clutches?

Question 4

The rise in the level of a liquid in a tube is h. What will be the rise in the level if the same amount of liquid is poured into a tube of half the diameter.

Question 5

The forces, which meet at one point, but their lines of action do not lie in a plane, are called:

Question 6

When a slider moves on a fixed link having curved surface, their instantaneous centre lies

Question 7

What are the functions of purchasing?

Question 8

In Mohr’s circle radius is taken as

Question 9

Static friction force is

Question 10

Which of the following is an example of open system?

Question 11

The stress-concentration factor (K) is:

Question 12

Rotameter is a device used to measure

Question 13

What is the degree of freedom of the mechanism shown below?

Question 14

For turning a small taper on a long work-piece, the suitable method is ________.

Question 15

Scheduling gives information about

Question 16

Four rods with different rail r and length Description: Description:ISROME2009_files\image018.png are connected to two reservoirs at different temperature. Which one of them will conduct most heat?

Question 17

The limit beyond which the material does not behave elastically is known as

Question 18

What is the major difficulty of the La-Mont boiler?

Question 19

Oil ( and  flows in a smooth pipe of 10cm diameter with a mass flow rate of  kg/s. The Darcy- Friction factor is found to be

Question 20

The thickness of the chip in upmilling is _______ at the beginning of the cut.
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