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Question 1

In a half-degree reaction Parson’s turbine, operating at design conditions, the enthalpy drop of steam in one stage of the turbine occurs

Question 2

In order to have a low bypass factor of a cooling coil, the fin spacing and the number of tube rows should be

Question 3

In a centrifugal pump discharge Q is proportional to

Question 4

In order to ram the sand softer on the pattern face and harder at the back of the mould, which of the following types of moulding machines is used?

Question 5

The velocity distribution in a turbulent boundary layer is given by
What is the displacement thickness

Question 6

The vanes of a centrifugal pump are generally

Question 7

Which one of the following is correct?
In a normal shock wave in one dimensional flow,

Question 8

Which one of the following pumps in not a positive displacement pump?

Question 9

Laminar boundary layer thickness Description: Description: Practice-Set-4_files\image029.png at any point x for flow over a flat plate is given by Description: Description: Practice-Set-4_files\image030.png

Question 10

Production cost refers to prime cost plus

Question 11

On which factor(s), does the heat lost by the human body in the process of radiation depend?

Question 12

When two spur gear having involute profiles on their teeth engaged, the line of action in tangential to the

Question 13

Francis Turbine is a

Question 14

A reversed Carnot cycle working as a heat pump has a COP of 7. What is the ratio of minimum to maximum absolute temperatures?

Question 15

The cutting speed for maximum production rate Vmpr and cutting speed for minimum cost of production Vmcp are always related through which one of the following expressions?

Question 16

Modulus of rigidity is the ratio of:

Question 17

Which one of the following has highest velocity ratio?

Question 18

Which one of the following is molding material defect?

Question 19

If equal and opposite forces applied to a body tend to elongate it, the stress so produced is called:

Question 20

The instrument preferred in the measurement of highly fluctuating velocities in air flows is ________.
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