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Question 1

In the Lewis analysis of the beam strength of gear design, the gear tooth is treated as

Question 2

The efficiency of the diesel cycle increases

Question 3

In case of dynamic analysis of single slider crank chain, the normal thrust to the cylinder walls is given by_____?

where F is the piston effort and
is the angle made by the connecting rod with the line of sliding of the slider

Question 4

Higher cetane number means a ___________ delay period and smoother engine operation.

Question 5

The maximum and Minimum value of tractive force is given by.

Question 6

Which of the following boiler is water tube boiler _________?

Question 7

There is a 10 kg block of ice. It takes 10 N to keep it moving across the floor at constant speed. The kinetic coefficient of friction,  is

Question 8

Which one of the following is the fire-tube boiler?

Question 9

The deflection at the centre of a simply supported beam of length l carrying a uniformly distributed load w kg/m will be

Question 10

Which of the following fluid has shear stress directly proportional to the rate of shear strain ?

Question 11

A cylindrical vessel 3 meter diameter is subjected to an internal pressure of 1.5 N/mm2. Find the safe thickness of the vessel required if the maximum stress is not to exceed 90 MPa. Take efficiency of the circumferential joint as 80% and efficiency of the longitudinal joint as 75 %

Question 12

Why is large reservoir used in single column manometer?

Question 13

Plane stress at a point in a body is defined by principal stress . The ratio of normal stress to the maximum shear stress on the plane of maximum shear stress is

Question 14

A jet strikes a curved plate at its center then net force along the vertical direction is ______

Question 15

The  volumetric efficiency of a reciprocating compressor is given by

Question 16

A beaker is filled with a liquid up to the mark of one litre and weighed. The weight of the liquid is found to be 6.5 N. The specific volume of the liquid will be

Question 17

Heat transfer take place according to which law of thermodynamics____.

Question 18

For improving the strength of steel at elevated temperatures, which one of the following alloying element is used?

Question 19

At the state of perfect order of pure crystalline substance, how is zero entropy defined?

Question 20

A carbon steel having BHN 100 should have ultimate strength closer to
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