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SSC-JE ME || Strength of Materials Quiz - 4

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Question 1

An element is subjected to pure shear stress (+τxy). What will be the Principal stress induced in the element?

Question 2

A shaft compressed all round by a hub will have a Mohr’s circle as __________.

Question 3

If the principal stresses and the maximum shear stress are of equal magnitude in a Mohr’s Circle, the state of stress can be termed as

Question 4

For which of the following stresses we can use Mohr’s Circle?

Question 5

The radius of a Mohr’s circle indicates ______

Question 6

At point in a body stresses developed are such that σx= 140 MPa and σy = 60 MPa and the major principle stress is 150 MPa. What is the magnitude of max in-plane shear stress __________ (in MPa).

Question 7

If and are the algebraically largest and smallest principal stresses respectively the value of the maximum shear stress is.

Question 8

The plane of maximum shear stress has normal stress that is _________.

Question 9

A body was subjected to two mutually perpendicular stresses of -6MPa and 24MPa respectively. What is the shear stress on the plane of pure shear?

Question 10

The state of stress at a point under plane stress condition is σxx = 50 MPa, σyy = 80 MPa and τxy = 30 MPa. The diameter of Mohr’s circle representing the given state of stress (in MPa) is __________.
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