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SSC-JE ME || Strength of Materials Quiz - 1

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Question 1

Find the modulus of elasticity of a rod, which tapers uniformly from 30 mm to 15 mm diameter in a length of 300 mm. The rod is subjected to axial load of 5 kN and extension of rod is 0.022 mm.

Question 2

When mild steel is subjected to a tensile load, its fracture will conform to ____.

Question 3

A prismatic bar shown in the figure is subjected to forces in kN at different points. Determine the force P in the figure.

Question 4

In most materials, plastic deformation in one direction will effect subsequent plastic response in another direction, this effect is known as _______.

Question 5

A steel bar of 40 mm × 40 mm square cross-section is subjected to an axial compressive load of 200 kN. If the length of the bar is 2m and E = 200 GPa, the elongation of the bar will be:

Question 6

The slope of the stress-strain curve in the elastic deformation region is equal to 

Question 7

A rod of length L having uniform cross-sectional area A is subjected to a tensile force P as shown in the figure below. If the Young’s modulus of the material varies linearly from E1 to E2 along the length of the rod, the normal stress developed at the section-SS is

Question 8

Following diagram represents the stress strain curve for

Question 9

A prismatic bar has a cross-section of 25mm X 50mm and a length of 3m. Under an axial tensile force of 100kN. Compute the tensile stress (in MPa).

Question 10

Find the total extension in the stepped bar with an axial tensile load of 50 kN and having varying length of 2m, 3m, 5m and area of 200mm2, 250mm2 and 300 mm2 as shown in given figure. E= 2×10N/ mm2 .
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