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Question 1

Atmospheric air at 1.0132 bar has a DBT of 33oC and WBT of 25oC. Find the specific humidity(in kg/kg of dry air), if the saturation pressure at DBT is 0.03363 bar.

Question 2

The minimum temperature upto which the water can be cooled in a cooling tower is

Question 3

A moist air sample has dry bulb temperature of 30 °C and specific humidity of 11.5 g water vapour per kg dry air. Assume molecular weight of air as 28.93. If the saturation vapour pressure of water at 30 °C is 5.24 kPa and the total pressure is 90 kPa, then the relative humidity (in %) of air sample is

Question 4

When atmospheric air is heated at constant pressure, its

Question 5

During dehumidification process, the relative humidity __________.

Question 6

On a particular day, the atmospheric air was found to have dry bulb temperature of 30oC and wet bulb temperature of 18oC. The barometric pressure was observed to be 756mm of Hg and partial pressure of water vapour as 9.62 mm Hg. Find the specific humidity in gm/kg of dry air.

Question 7

In a cooling tower, the minimum temperature to which water can be possibly cooled is known as

Question 8

An air washer can work as a

Question 9

Under saturated condition wet bulb depression is______.

Question 10

What does the curve AB represent in the following Psychrometric Chart?

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