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Question 1

The power required per ton of refrigeration is 0.35 kW. Find the heat rejection ratio _________?

Question 2

In an ideal VCR cycle of used R- 134A as refrigerant used as a heat pump. The enthalpy at inlet to compressor and exit of compressor are 110kJ/kg and 235kJ/kg respectively. The enthalpy at exit of condenser is 95kJ/kg. If work input to compressor in 5kW then calculate rate of heat extraction from evaporator(kW) and COP of heat pump.

Question 3

In vapour compression refrigeration system, refrigeration effect is 40 kJ/kg and COP of the system is 4. Find heat rejected in the condenser.

Question 4

In an ideal vapour compression refrigeration cycle, the enthalpy of the refrigrator before and after the evaporator are respectively 200 kJ/kg and 300 kJ/kg. The circulation rate of the refrigerant (in kg/min) for each 200 kJ/min of refrigeration is

Question 5

The COP of a cascade refrigeration system is______
where represents the COP of 1st refrigeration system and represents COP of 2nd refrigeration system.

Question 6

In Water lithium bromide vapour absorption cycle, lithium bromide is used as

Question 7

A refrigerator is used to cool water from 35to 20 and water is flowing through tubes. If one ton of refrigeration is required for this process. Specific heat of water is 4.187 kJ/kg K. If the diameter of the tube is 300 mm and density of water is 992 kg/m3. Find the velocity of water flowing in the tube in mm/s.

Question 8

In domestic refrigerators, the tubes at the back side are

Question 9

An ideal refrigerator which works between the temperature limits of 600o C and 1000o C, is having COP 5.If it is used to operate as a heat pump between the same temperature limits, then the COP will be

Question 10

In the window air conditioner, the expansion device used is
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