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SSC-JE ME || Material Science Quiz - 2

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Question 1

Steel can be hardened quickly by ______ process

Question 2

A reaction in which liquid and solid on cooling get converted into another solid is known as _______.

Question 3

The fraction of proeutectoid cementite in 1.4 % carbon steel is ____.

Question 4

The process used for relieving the internal stresses previously set up in the metal and for
increasing the machinability of steel, is

Question 5

Steel with carbon below 0.8% is called _______.

Question 6

Which of the following surface hardening processes needs no quenching?

Question 7

Which one of these heat treatment processes produces bainite?

Question 8

Pearlite phase in an iron-carbide phase diagram is

Question 9

Austempering is employed to obtain _______.

Question 10

Medium temperature tempering increases
i) endurance limit
ii) elastic limit
iii) hardness
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