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Question 1

As per Indian Standards, the grain size 46 comes for grinding wheel, comes under the group

Question 2

Offset of tailstock is done for_____

Question 3

Down milling is also known as

Question 4

Which of the following is not the part of a shaper?

Question 5

In shaping operation the average cutting speed (Stroke length L, number of stroke per minute N, Quick return ratio M)

Question 6

The headstock of a lathe has 9 speeds with minimum speed of 100 r.p.m and maximum speed of 1600 r.p.m. If the speeds are in geometric progression, then the ratio is

Question 7

Headstock of lathe has 9 spindle speeds ranging from 100 rpm to 1600 rpm. Find the ratio of two consecutive spindle speed?

Question 8

On a Lathe machine, as per the requirements attachments are mounted on the spindle nose. The attachment used for turning a workpiece concentric to it is,

Question 9

The preferred option for holding an odd-shaped workpiece in a centre lathe is

Question 10

The material of the bed of lathe machine is:
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