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SSC-JE ME || Fluid Mechanics Quiz 7

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Question 1

Notches are used to measure:-

Question 2

In case of flow over weir and notches. The most suitable dimensionless number is

Question 3

The weir with thick crest is known as

Question 4

The upper surface of a weir over which water flows is known as

Question 5

In the Sutro weir, the discharge of the weir is proportional to .

Question 6

The discharge of broad crested weir is maximum if the head of water on the downstream side of weir as compared to the head on the upstream side of the weir is _________.

Question 7

A submerged weir is one in which the water level on the down streams side of the weir is :

Question 8

The cross section of cipoletti weir is

Question 9

Discharge Q in a triangular weir varies as:-

Question 10

Maximum discharge over a broad crested weir is given by
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