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SSC-JE ME || Fluid Mechanics Quiz 2

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Question 1

Atmospheric pressure is . Height of water column from the mean sea level which is equivalent to an absolute pressure of  is _______.

Question 2

The top surface of a vertical rectangular gate, with 16 m width and 12 m height, and the upper surface of height coincides with the free water surface. The depth of the centre of pressure is

Question 3

The centre of pressure of surface subject to fluid pressure is the point___.

Question 4

Metacentric radius of a floating body is the ratio of_____.

Question 5

The pressure in meters of oil of specific gravity 0.9 equivalent to 90 m of water is ____________.

Question 6

When a vertical wall is subjected to pressure due to liquid on both sides, the resultant pressure is the ____ of the two pressure.(consider only magnitude)

Question 7

Sensitivity of manometer can be increased by_______.

Question 8

Resultant pressure of the liquid in case of an immersed body acts through which one of the following?

Question 9

The centre of pressure of any submerged plane vertical surface is _______

Question 10

Find the mass density of a solid, if it weighs 200 kgf in air and 120 kgf when it is immersed in a fluid of density 1000 kg/m3.
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