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SSC-JE ME || Fluid Mechanics Full Revision Quiz

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Question 1

If B is the centre of buoyancy, G is the centre of gravity and M is the metacentre of a floating body, the body will be in stable equilibrium if ________.

Question 2

Match the tables given below:

Question 3

The function of a draft tube in reaction turbine is to:

Question 4

The stream function for 2-D flow is given by Calculate the velocity at point P(2,2).

Question 5

In the Orificemeter Cc = 0.95 and Cv = 0.9 then Cd is ______.

Question 6

Specific gravity of vegetable oil is 0.8. What head of this will correspond to a pressure equal to that of 15m of water?

Question 7

The ratio of pressures between two points ‘A’ and ‘B’ located respectively at depths 0.75m and 6m below in a water tank is______.

Question 8

The equation signifies the

Question 9

The top surface of a vertical rectangular gate, with 16 m width and 12 m height, and the upper surface of height coincides with the free water surface. The depth of the centre of pressure is

Question 10

What is the value of kinetic energy correction factor during a laminar flow?

Question 11

The efficiency of a centrifugal pump is maximum when its blades are

Question 12

With rise in gas temperature, dynamic viscosity of most of the gases
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