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SSC JE Magnetic circuits Quiz 77

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Question 1

The mutual inductance between two unity coupled coils of 9H and 4H will be:

Question 2

A magnet is kept in the medium of air surrounded by an iron ring. The magnetic lines of force from the magnet will be:

Question 3

The series magnet of a single phase Energy meter consists of coil of _____.

Question 4

The relative permeability of paramagnetic material is __________.

Question 5

Reluctance offered by the magnetic circuit depends upon _______.

Question 6

A circuit has inductance of 2 H. If the circuit current changes at the rate of 10 A/sec, then self-induced emf is

Question 7

The B-H curve for ______________ will be a straight line passing through the origin.

Question 8

Magnetic lines of force coming from a magnet

Question 9

The unit of reluctance of magnetic circuit is

Question 10

A 2 cm long coil has 10 turns and carries a current of 750 mA. The magnetizing field of the coil is
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