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SSC JE Magnetic Circuits Quiz 59

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Question 1

A magnetic circuit carries a flux ϕi in the iron part and a flux ϕg in the air gap. Then leakage co-efficient is:

Question 2

In which types of capacitors care should be taken about the correct polarity while connecting in a circuit?

Question 3

The standing wave ratio of a transmission line used to feed a resistive load will be _________.

Question 4

Magnetic flux per unit area is called_______.

Question 5

The hysteresis loss in a ferromagnetic material is

Question 6

The magnetic material used of …………. Should have a large hysteresis loop.

Question 7

Out of the following materials, the area of hysteresis loop is will be least for ………….

Question 8

The permeability in the core in Fig. 8.17 is 6 × 10-5 Wb/AT-m. The flux density in the core is

Question 9

A 2 cm long coil has 10 turns and carries a current of 750 mA. The magnetising force of the coil is

Question 10

A magnetic circuit has a m.m.f. of 400 AT and a reluctance of 2 x 105 AT/Wb. The magnetic flux in the magnetic circuit is
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