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SSC JE: Estimation Costing and Valuation Quiz- 6

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Question 1

Calculate the quantity (cubic meter) of the concrete used in a pier of 1.2 m diameter and 6 m length. The pier is reinforced with 8 bars of 25 mm diameter.

Question 2

Which of the following is NOT included in the floor area?

(1) Clear coverage area

(2) Area of the walls

(3) Sills of the doors

(4) Sills of the windows

Question 3

The final operation of finishing floors is known as

Question 4

Central line method for estimation is suitable for_______.

Question 5

Calculate the years purchase for a property of useful life of 30 years and the rate of interest of 5% per annum. The rate of interest for the sinking fund is 3%.

Question 6

Which one of the following method is used for the approximate estimation?

Question 7

Calculate the number of bricks in 20 cubic metres brick works.

Question 8

The cross section areas of three sections of an embankment at an interval of 40 m are 10 square metres, 15 square metres and 35 square metres.
Calculate the quantity of earthwork for the embankment. Use prismoidal method.

Question 9

An estimate is?

Question 10

For building project estimate which method is generally used in PWD?

Question 11

Of the total estimated cost of a building, the cost of electrification usually accounts for ______.
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