SSC JE Electrical Shift 1 & 2 Paper Analysis 24th March 2021: Expected Cut Off & Difficulty Level

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SSC JE Electrical Shift 1 & 2 Exam Analysis 24th March 2021: Staff Selection Commission conducted the SSC JE 2021 exam for Electrical Engineering in two shifts 1st and 2nd Shift. Students who are going to appear in the upcoming years or who have given an Electrical branch exam this year must be curious to know the detailed exam analysis.

Thus BYJU'S Exam Prep is providing you with the SSC JE Electrical exam analysis of Shift 1 and Shift 2 for the 24th March 2021 along with its pattern, types of questions asked in the exam, weightage analysis. This electrical engineering analysis helps them to ace the exam by enhancing the preparation in the coming years also.

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At BYJU'S Exam Prep we have been successfully conducting the analysis for the past two days and are going to conduct it again today for the students who appeared for this exam and students who are going to appear in the upcoming years. 

The analysis of SSC JE EE 2021 exam Shift-1 held on 24th Mar 2021 will give a basic idea to the candidates who are planning to give this exam next year and preparing for it.

SSC JE Electrical Paper Analysis All Shifts (Youtube Session): 24th March 2021

 SSC JE 1st Shift Exam Analysis 2021: Electrical engineering

 SSC JE 2nd Shift Exam Analysis 2021: Electrical engineering

SSC JE Exam Shifts & Analysis Timings

Number of ShiftExam Time BYJU'S Exam Prep Analysis Time
Shift 1(Electrical)10:00 AM-12:00 PM1:00 PM
Shift 2(Electrical)3:00 PM-5:00 PM5:00 PM

SSC JE Electrical Shift 1 Exam Analysis 24 March 2021: Key Highlights

  • Overall Paper was Moderate.
  • More Numericals.
  • Electrical Machines had maximum weightage.
  • The Paper was lengthy and calculative.
  • Fewer questions from the power system.

SSC JE Electrical Shift 1 Exam 24 March 2021: Difficulty Level 

  • Technical Portion was tough, included more numerical.
  • Non-Technical Section was easy than less time.
  • The overall level was moderate.

SSC JE Electrical Shift 1 Exam Analysis: 24 March 2021 

SSC JE 2020-21 Subject-wise Weightage Analysis Shift-1
SubjectDifficulty LevelNo.of Questions
Circuit TheoryEasy18-20
Electrical MachinesModerate30-35
Generation, Transmission & DistributionEasy6-8
Estimation & CostingModerate2-6
Utilization of Electrical EnergyModerate5-9
Basic ElectronicsEasy8-10
ReasoningEasy & Lengthy50
General AwarenessModerate50
OVERALLModerate200 Qs


Memory-Based Questions SSC JE Electrical Paper Shift-1: 24th March 2021

Technical Section

  1. Which is the Varactor diode symbol?
  2. what is the full form of MCCB?
  3. What is the Highest rating fuse?
  4. What is the dimension of Rod electrode for earthing?
  5. Which meter is used for the measurement of Electrical resistance?
  6. In which law the summation of current is zero?
  7. The direction of induced EMF is given by which rule?
  8. The units use in the circuit to denote resistance is?
  9. DC series motor is used in which application?
  10. Which material is used for the making of brush in the DC machine?

 Non-Technical Section

  1. Which is the primary source of Vitamin C?
  2. What is the atomic mass of Nitric acid?
  3. What is the atomic mass of Chlorine?
  4. Who won the Man Booker prize 2020?
  5. Who is the longest-serving Congress president?
  6. What was the year of the Quit India movement?
  7. How many sports added in the youth khelo India game 2021?
  8. Pantothenic acid is the name of which vitamin?
  9. Find 30:56::20:?
  10. Which is the smallest bone in the human body?

SSC JE Electrical Shift 2 Exam Analysis 24 March 2021: Key Highlights

  • Overall Paper was Moderate.
  • Factual Based
  • Formula Based
  • Theoretical Question was more
  • To the point questions were there
  • Good attempt in EE: 85-90

SSC JE Electrical Shift 2 Exam Analysis: 24 March 2021 

SSC JE 2020-21 Subject-wise Weightage Analysis Shift-2
SubjectDifficulty LevelNo.of Questions
Circuit TheoryEasy15-20
Electrical MachinesEasy10-12
Generation, Transmission & DistributionModerate15-17
Estimation & CostingDifficulty2-3
Utilization of Electrical EnergyModerate7-10
Basic ElectronicsEasy15-20
ReasoningModerate & Lengthy50
General AwarenessModerate50
OVERALLModerate200 Qs


Memory-Based Questions SSC JE Electrical Paper Shift-2: 24th March 2021

Technical Section

  1. A 230V, 4A current goes through the meter for 6h and 2208 revolutions for that time period then energy for 1240 revolutions will be?
  2. Voltage limiter and voltage regulator is happened in?
  • Zener diode
  • Varactor diode
  • Tunnel diode
  • PN diode

3.What is the Generated EMF formula for DC Generator?

4. v(t)=i²(t)

  • Nonlinear time-invariant
  • linear time-invariant
  • linear time-variant
  • Non-linear time-variant

5. What is the SI unit of current?

6. What will be emitter current if alpha = 0.98, base current= 95 uA and Icbo = 5uA ?

7. What will be the coefficient of coupling if M = 3H and L1 = 18H and L2 = 2H?

8. What is the possible Formula of maximum mutual inductance?

  • √L1xL2
  • √L1+L2
  • L1xL2
  • L1+L2
  1. What will be increased inefficiency if Open delta converts to delta-delta?
  2. What is a formula for Voltage regulation of the transmission line?

Non-Technical Section

  1. Which scientist invented the Microwave?
  2. X rays are discovered by?
  3. Who is the 1st speaker of Loksabha?
  4. Who is the Time person in the year 2020?

SSC JE Electrical Expected Cut off 2020

Cut off depends on various factors like:

  • Level of difficulty maintained in the exam.
  • Changes in the questions.
  • Number of aspirants who appeared for the exam
  • Total vacancies released by the commission

Considering the above factors the cutoff will be above 150.

SSC JE Electrical 2020 Shift-1: Download PDF

SSC JE Electrical 2020 Shift-2: Download PDF

In this article, we've covered the overall analysis of SSC JE 2020-21 Shift-1 and Shift-2 conducted on 24th Mar 2021. 


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  • Electrical Machines.

  • The cut-off is expected to be above 150.

  • Yes

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