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SSC JE EE : Technical Quiz 25

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Question 1

The humming sound in a transformer is mainly due to

Question 2

Which of the following is the method of neutral grounding?

Question 3

In industries, _______ is required for the melting of metals of glass, enamelling of copper, baking of insulator, and welding etc.

Question 4

In a 132 kV, three phase system, the natural frequency of oscillation is 20 kHz, calculate maximum rate of rise of restriking voltage?

Question 5

If a current of 10 A flows for 4 minutes, find the quantity of electricity transferred

Question 6

In an Oscilloscope the Lissajous pattern is observed as below. What will be the vertical input signal frequency if horizontal input frequency is 20 Hz?

Question 7

The ratio of rotor copper loss with rotor output is:

Question 8

Which of points on the torque speed curve of the induction motor represents operation at slip less than zero.

Question 9

Radar tracking systems, missile tracking systems and machine tool position control are applications of _________.

Question 10

Phantom loading in an energy meter is used because

Question 11

The speed of rotor field flux with respect to the stator in a 50 Hz, 4 pole induction machine running at 1% slip is

Question 12

Calculate the barrier potential for a Si junction diode at 0⁰C if its value at 25⁰C is 0.7 V.

Question 13

Suppose an infinite long wire carrying a current of 50 A, then the magnetic flux density at a distance of 2 cm will be nearly equal to?

Question 14

_______ is defined as maximum current can flow through the breaker from time of occurring short circuit to the time of clearing the short circuit without any permanent damage in the circuit breaker.

Question 15

The 3-ϕ induction motor provided with open slot has

Question 16

Find the rms value of a signal, V?

Question 17

An induction machine is operated with two values of frequencies with the ratio of 1:2 without changing the voltage. Then the starting torque of the machine for two cases will be in the ratio of

Question 18

A 20 kVA, 2500/250 V, 50 Hz, single phase transformer has the following data when the test performed at full load:

Short Circuit Test: 50 V, 4 A, 160 W

Open Circuit Test: 250 V, 0.8 A, 80 W

Calculate the efficiency of transformer at half load and 0.8 lagging power factor?

Question 19

In intrinsic semiconductors, the number of electrons is _______ the number of holes.

Question 20

The current gain of common base and common emitter amplifier is respectively
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