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SSC JE EE : Technical Quiz 24

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Question 1

For the circuit shown in figure

Question 2

Arrange these in the correct order of the sequence for designing the tower?

I. Design data

II. Prototype manufacture

III. Providing tests

IV. Preliminary design

V. Final design

VI. Earlier experience

Question 3

A three phase star connected load is operating at a power factor angle, withbeing the angle between

Question 4

The range of voltmeter is non-uniform. Its type is

Question 5

Find out the current following in  Resistor from A to B

Question 6

According to which Indian Electricity Rule No., earth wire is also provided which stipulates that “the supplier has to provide & maintain a protection of appliances at the consumer end”.

Question 7

Which of the following statement is not true regarding a force acting on a current carrying conductor placed in a magnetic field

Question 8

The amount of electrical energy stored for every kilogram of battery mass is defined as _______.

Question 9

The doping of the n-type and p-type regions of the tunnel diode is of the order of

Question 10

In a 3 phase, 4 pole induction motor the input power to the rotor circuit is 5 kW, the rotor is running at 1440 rpm. Calculate the copper loss in rotor circuit?

Question 11

Which of the following statement is not true?

Question 12

A DC voltmeter has a sensitivity of 1000 /V. when it measures half full load in 100 V range, the current through the voltmeter will be?

Question 13

Which of the following is an advantage of an AC transmission system?

Question 14

Conduction of current in both directions in an element (example: Resistance: Inductance : Capacitance) with the same magnitude is termed as _____.

Question 15

Slip ring usually made of

Question 16

According to the Specification for Electric ceiling fans and regulators, no ceiling fan should be installed at a height of less than _________ from the floor level.

Question 17

In series R-L-C circuit R = 2 Ω, L = 2mH and C = 1F at 50 Hz the power factor of the circuit

Question 18

Plug setting multiplier of an electromagnetic relay can be altered by varying

Question 19

Servomechanisms are _______ where the feedback signal are used to control position, speed, velocity, acceleration etc.

Question 20

In cleat wiring, the cleats are fixed at a regular intervals not exceeding the value of
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