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SSC JE EE : Technical Quiz 21

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Question 1

______ employs mesh analysis to find the different mesh currents by finding the IR products in each mesh.

Question 2

Why electric braking is preferred?

Question 3

Which one of the following A.C. bridge is preferred to measure self-Inductance from known mutual inductance?

Question 4

Drain current vs gate-source voltage characteristics of n-channel enhancement type MOSFET is

Question 5

A booster is which type of dc generator?

Question 6

High resistances are provided with a guard terminal. This guard terminal used to:

Question 7

Which one of the following is not a reason, for a semiconductor silicon (Si) to be preferred over Germanium (Ge)?

Question 8

In early effect, when VCB increases,

Question 9

An industrial consumer has a load pattern of 1000 kW at 0.8 p.f. for 8 hours and 1500 kW at unity power factor for 16 hour. The load factor is

Question 10

Steady state stability of a power system is improved by

Question 11

What is the load angle in the alternator?

Question 12

The self-inductance of two coils are 8 mH and 18 mH. If the co-efficient of coupling is 0.75, the mutual inductance of the coil is

Question 13

How many loops and meshes are present within the following circuit?

Question 14

For a 100 V rms value triangular wave, the peak voltage will be

Question 15

The voltages across a 1 μF capacitor is 10 V for t < 0. At t = 0, a 1 MΩ resistor is connected across the capacitor terminals. Find the time constant, the voltage v(t) at t = 1 s.

Question 16

The transformer core is laminated in order to

Question 17

In which of the following, vibration galvanometer, tuneable amplifier and headphones are used?

Question 18

Which among the following is true?

Question 19

Which of the following class of insulating material include cotton, silk, paper, cellulose, wood, etc.

Question 20

Which of the following is correct about the Inter-poles in DC machines?
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