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SSC JE EE : Technical Quiz 20

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Question 1

Consider a neutral body, now 1.7 µC of negative charge is removed for the body. Later on, 18.7 x 1011 electrons are added. Find the final charge on the body?

Question 2

Which of the below is not a merit of static relay?

Question 3

Which of the following condition is not true about the self-excitation of DC generator?

Question 4

_______ are used in control system to attain the mechanical matching of the motor to the load.

Question 5

When a current is applied between the two ends of the metal piece when they are quite close to each other but not touching, under which welding, this phenomenon occurs?

Question 6

If the spring in the PMMC ammeter is broken than meter will reads.

Question 7

Two voltmeter P & Q measures voltage between 0 - 120 V. They both have voltage sensitivity of 2 kΩ/V & 5 kΩ/V respectively. Calculate maximum voltage measured by the series combination of Voltmeter P & Q?

Question 8

Which type of insulated cable is preferred for distribution lines?

Question 9

Why is load shedding is done?

Question 10

Demand Factor =

Question 11

Wilson compensation technique is used in CT for ____

Question 12

The making current of 3-phase breaker with rating 1000 MVA, 33 KV will be

Question 13

Control system in which the output has no influence or effect on the control action of the input signal is called.

Question 14

In simple series RLC circuit, _______ corresponds to infinite capacitance and zero inductance L = 0.

Question 15

A 2 KVA, 200 / 2000 V single phase transformer is converted into 2000 / 2200 V auto-transformer, then the KVA rating of the new transformer will be

Question 16

‘Hot carrier diode’ is known as

Question 17

For a junction FET in the pinch off region, as the drain voltage is increased, the drain current

Question 18

In a synchronous machine if the field MMF is decreased by any mean then what will the effect on reactive power?

Question 19

A three phase Induction Motor, six poles, 50 Hz is supplied by three phase source. The rotor rotates at 800 rpm. Calculate the slip.

Question 20

An ac timer circuit is used to control the number of cycles for which the power may be supplied to the weld. In this, the time required for the voltage to fall by a given amount is
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