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SSC JE EE : Technical Quiz 16

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Question 1

According to double revolving field theory, any alternating quantity can be resolved into two rotating components. The directions and magnitude of these components are

Question 2

Imperfections in the crystal structure result in

Question 3

Which of the following condition is not true regarding balanced condition of AC Bridges?

Question 4

Two resistors R1 = (150 ± 8%) Ω, R2 = (250 ± 4%), are connected in series. What will be the resulting limiting error of series combination of these two resistors?

Question 5

Which of the following quantity does not change in transformer?

Question 6

A full-pitched coil in 6 pole machine has mechanical angle span of

Question 7

In a single phase transformer, the full load copper losses is 1600 W. Find the ratio of copper losses at one-fourth to the half load?

Question 8

In a capacitor filter rectifier circuit, ______ the capacitance value, higher will be the power factor.

Question 9

______ is an instrument for measuring electrical potential difference between two points in an electric circuit.

Question 10

What is the motor load factor when a motor of 20 hp drives a constant 15 hp load whenever it is on?

Question 11

A Ballistic galvanometer of constant equal to 1 micro-coulomb/degree gives a throw of 22.5o, when a capacitor discharges through the meter. If a battery of 15 V is used Lo recharge the capacitor, value of capacitance is

Question 12

If the symmetrical braking capacity of a circuit breaker is 200 A, calculate the making capacity of circuit breaker?

Question 13

How many cores are used in a cable for the transmission of voltages up to 66 kV?

Question 14

________ consists of high–performance permanent magnet motor, often with an integral tachogenerator, and a chopper–type power amplifier module in D.C. motor.

Question 15

In moving iron instruments, the iron moves in a direction to cause

Question 16

Which one of the following heating method is most inefficient method of electrical heating?

Question 17

Consider the single line diagram shown in figure below. If the base voltage is selected on the generator terminal as 10 kV, what will be the base voltage on transmission line?

Question 18

The period of sine wave is 20 msec then find its frequency?

Question 19

The vector statement of the gauss’s law is

Question 20

Which of the following is the appropriate use of voltmeter?
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