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SSC JE EE : Technical Quiz 15

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Question 1

The time at which rate of rise of recovery voltage is maximum.

Question 2

Find the voltage Vab for the circuit shown below,

Question 3

The full load copper-loss and iron loss of a transformer are 3200 W and 2000 W respectively. The copper-loss and iron loss at one-fourth load will be respectively

Question 4

Which of the following expression is true for transformer?

Question 5

For the three coupled coil in figure calculate the total inductance

Question 6

Which of the following is a measure of the flow of electric charge over time?

Question 7

Which Device is used to measure Electric Charge?

Question 8

As the load on a transformer is increased, the core losses

Question 9

________ is also known as Inverter.

Question 10

A good insulating material should not posses

Question 11

The unit of Luminance or Brightness is

Question 12

Find the current for t > 0. When at t = 0 switch is closed? Before t = 0 switch is open for a long time?

Question 13

An SCR is a device having

Question 14

In a 4-pole wave wound DC motor there are 400 armature conductor which run at a constant speed of 1200 rpm. If the back EMF developed is 240 V, then what will be the operating flux in DC motor?

Question 15

Hysteresis loss in transformer depends on.

Question 16

If the Supply voltage in an induction motor is reduced by 5%, by what percentage the maximum torque is increased or decreased?

Question 17

A 2000/200 V 1-ϕ two winding transformer having the % impedance is 8%. Now it is connected as auto transfere for stepping up the voltage from 2000 to 2200 V Find the % impedence of auto transformer?

Question 18

The active and reactive powers of an inductive circuit are 60 W and 80 VAR respectively. The power factor of the circuit is:

Question 19

The breakdown strength or electrostatic stress in the air around the conductor when corona occurs is

Question 20

A 1 mA ammeter has a resistance of 100 Ω. It is to be converted to a 1 A ammeter. The value of shunt resistance is
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