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SSC JE EE : Technical Quiz 13

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Question 1

In high transmission lines, the topmost conductor is

Question 2

A smaller air gap in a polyphase induction motor helps to

Question 3

Dielectric heating works on the frequency range of about

Question 4

The main source of hydro-electric power station is

Question 5

A 4-pole, 3-phase induction motor is running at 4% slip at full load. If the speed of the motor is 750 rpm, the supply frequency is

Question 6

When port 1 of a two circuit is short circuited, I1 = 4I2 and V2 = 0.25I2, which of the following is true?

Question 7

Find the magnetic field intensity at the centre of circular conducting loop having diameter of 5cm and carrying a current of 10A.

Question 8

In the layout of sub-circuit wiring connection, of which cross sectional area of copper conductor is preferred?

Question 9

A ______ is a device used in electrical power systems and telecommunication systems to protect the insulation and conductors of the systems from the damaging effects of lightning.

Question 10

The highest transmission AC voltage in India is

Question 11

A 200/100 V, 50 Hz transformer is to be excited at 60 Hz from the primary side without increase in excitation current. Then the voltage to be applied at primary is

Question 12

A separately excited DC generator supplies 150 A to 145 V DC grid. The generator is running at 800 RPM. The armature resistance is 0.1 Ω. If the speed of the generator is increased to 1000 RPM, the current supplied by the generator to the DC grid is

Question 13

A _______ is an n-p-n or p-n-p sandwich of semiconductor materials.

Question 14

JFET is a

Question 15

When a uniform line charge of -6 μC/m lies along the y axis, what is net electrical flux crossing the surface of a cube side 2 m, centered at the origin?

Question 16

If the transformer is loaded, then the secondary terminal voltage falls for and rises for

Question 17

The nominal ratio for a current transformer is given by

Question 18

An autotransformer used with a sodium vapour lamp should have high

Question 19

The series magnet of a single phase energy meter consists of coil of

Question 20

The depth of the material up to which the eddy current loss penetrates due to high frequency eddy current heating depends on
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