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SSC JE EE : Technical Quiz 12

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Question 1

Find the power dissipated in the circuit ?

Question 2

In parallel operation of transformer which one the following is a desirable condition?

Question 3

If the full load copper loss & iron loss for a transformer are 10000 W & 3500 W respectively. Calculate the total loss i.e. copper loss & iron loss at three-fourth of the load?

Question 4

A differentially compound DC generator has its series and shunt field providing 20% and 80% flux, respectively. The series field is suddenly short circuited without changing the load. Then the terminal voltage ignoring all the resistances

Question 5

Coulomb’s Law depicts that

Question 6

When the shaft load is assumed to be constant, the effect of changes in field excitation on performance of synchronous motor is given by

Question 7

The scale of the Moving Iron (MI) instrument is

Question 8

The resistance of potential transformer winding is minimized by using

Question 9

In Electrolysis process, when the chemical deposition due to flow of electric current through an electrolyte is directly proportional to the quantity of electricity passed through it, is based on which of the following Law?

Question 10

The conductor which connects the distributor line to consumer terminal is called?

Question 11

Which among the following tests is performed to check the dissipation factor?

I. Acceptance test

II. Periodic maintenance test

III. Power factor test

Question 12

Application of Norton’s theorem in a circuit results in

Question 13

Which scheme is employed for the Bus Zone Protection?

Question 14

Which part of the tower is buried in the ground?

Question 15

The unit for permeability is:

Question 16

Hopkinson’s test of DC machines is conducted at

Question 17

Potential difference between two points on the earth surface separated by a horizontal reach of one meter is named as?

Question 18

What is the value of series resistance to be used to extent (0 – 200) V range of 20,000 Ω/volt voltmeter to (0 - 2000) V.

Question 19

Fermi energy level for n–type extrinsic semiconductors lies ___________.

Question 20

The _______ determines the ability of the transformer to provide the constant voltage for variable loads.
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