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SSC JE EE : Technical Quiz 11

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Question 1

Let self-inductances of two coils are L1 = 2 H and L2 = 8 H. The coil L1 produces a magnetic flux of 80 µWb of which only 60 µWb are linked with the coil L2. Calculate the mutual inductance of the two coils.

Question 2

Which type of welding is used on Bridges?

Question 3

The resistance potential divider method and capacitance potential divider method is used for

Question 4

In a forward-biased photo diode, with increase in incident light intensity, the diode current

Question 5

The charging current drawn by the cable ___________.

Question 6

In which of the following motors is torque produced due to the tendency of the rotor to align itself in the minimum reluctance position when the speed of the motor is close to the synchronous speed?

Question 7

Convert (0.7854)10 to binary.

Question 8

Which of the following is the main disadvantage of conduit wiring?

Question 9

A Potential Transformer is device which is

Question 10

The minimum dielectric stress in a cable is at

Question 11

It is defined as the degree of the measurement system. It indicates changes in the measure and without any dynamic error.

Question 12

For a three-phase short circuit fault the fault MVA (Short Circuit Capacity) is defined as:

Short circuit capacity = VI, where V & I are respectively

Question 13

Magnetic flux has the unit of

Question 14

For current I (t), the electrodynamometer ammeter will read

Question 15

A voltmeter measures a full scale voltage of 100 V produces a full scale error at 10 %. Find the error it voltmeter reads 50 V.

Question 16

Which one of the following cable is best suited for underground transmission at a voltage of 132 kV?

Question 17

Which among these is common defect in a commutator?

Question 18

By using bundling of conductor, which of the following result are correct:

(I) Corona loss reduced

(II) XL Reduced

(III) XC Increases

(IV) Surge Impedance loading Increased

(V) Cost of transmission is reducing

Question 19

Which of the following is not a limitation of Merz Price protection method.

Question 20

In the current transformer burden is _______?
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