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SSC JE EE : Technical Quiz 1

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Question 1

________ of measurement is a measure of the change in instrument output that occurs when the quantity being measured changes by given amount.

Question 2

In _______, the susceptibility will decrease with increase in temperature and they have relatively small susceptibility at all temperatures.

Question 3

According to torque-speed characteristics of three phase Induction motor, which of the following mode is carried, when slip lies between 1 and 2.

Question 4

Filament of electric bulbs are generally made of

Question 5

At the resonance series L-C circuit and parallel L-C circuit behaves as respectively.

Question 6

Find the current in 6Ω resistance _____ ?

Question 7

Which of the following welding processes use a continuously fed electrode through a welding gun and the operator needs to pull a trigger in order to feed the consumable electrode through?

Question 8

In order to increase the range of the electrodynamometer type voltmeter

Question 9

_______ are usually difficult to treat mathematically and there are no general methods available for solving a wide class of these systems.

Question 10

_______ are those whose field magnets are energized from an independent external source of DC current.

Question 11

If the terminal voltage in a DC shunt motor is 200 V. The armature resistance and the shunt resistance are 0.5 Ω and 250 Ω respectively. If the load current is 5 A, Calculate the I2R loss in armature part?

Question 12

The most conventional method of generating electric power with reasonably high efficiency:

Question 13

Bulk resistance of a diode is

Question 14

A single-phase transformer has per unit resistance Re(p.u) = 0.025 & reactance Xe(p.u) = 0.04, Calculate the voltage regulation of transformer in percentage at 0.8 lagging power factor?

Question 15

In a CRO, sinusoidal waveform of a certain frequency is displayed. Then what quantity does the waveform represents

Question 16

Which of the following transformer is smallest?

Question 17

Which among the following motor has rotor with low voltage commutator winding?

Question 18

A mega ohmmeter reading of zero or low ohms is indicated between the stator winding and motor frame. The winding is

Question 19

What is the most important property which makes the SF6 very efficient medium for circuit breaking?

Question 20

Corona loss does not depend on
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