SSC-JE 2019-20: 25 Days Revision Quiz Plan for Civil Engineering

By Ashish Singh Dhanjal|Updated : October 24th, 2020

Hi Gradians,

The Staff Selection Commission has scheduled the Junior Engineer Recruitment Exam from 27th October 2020 to 30th October 2020. Now the time has come to pull up your socks and get ready for the exam. BYJU'S Exam Prep brings to you "25 Days Revision Quiz Plan" in which practice quizzes will be provided on daily basis. This Revision Plan is FREE of cost so what are you waiting for?? Start attempting quiz and know your preparation level. The quiz will be strictly according to the syllabus of SSC-JE CE and the pattern of the quiz will be as follows:

Daily Technical Quiz Details
Number of Questions: 20 (Full Syllabus)
Time Duration: 12 minutes
Live Time: 8 AM everyday
Marking Scheme: (+1) for correct answer and (-0.25) for incorrect answer
Daily Non-Technical Quiz Details
Number of Questions: 20 (10 questions of GA and 10 questions of Reasoning)
Time Duration: 12 minutes
Live Time: 10 AM everyday
Marking Scheme: (+1) for correct answer and (-0.25) for incorrect answer
Mini-Mock Quiz Details
Number of Questions: 60 (30 questions Technical, 15 questions of Reasoning and 15 questions of GA)
Time Duration: 35 minutes
Live Time: 8 AM (23rd October to 26th October)
Quiz Name: SSC-JE CE/ME/EE: Mini-Mock 1,2,...
Marking Scheme: (+1) for correct answer and (-0.25) for incorrect answer

The schedule of the quiz is given below and you can save this article as all the quizzes will be updated in this article on Regular Basis.

"SSC-JE CE 25 Days Revision Plan"


Technical Quiz

Non-Technical Quiz

28-Sep-2020Daily Technical Quiz-1Daily Non-Technical Quiz-1
29-Sep-2020Daily Technical Quiz-2Daily Non-Technical Quiz-2
30-Sep-2020Daily Technical Quiz-3Daily Non-Technical Quiz-3
1-Oct-2020Daily Technical Quiz-4Daily Non-Technical Quiz-4
2-Oct-2020Daily Technical Quiz-5Daily Non-Technical Quiz-5
3-Oct-2020Daily Technical Quiz-6Daily Non-Technical Quiz-6
4-Oct-2020Daily Technical Quiz-7Daily Non-Technical Quiz-7
5-Oct-2020Daily Technical Quiz-8Daily Non-Technical Quiz-8
6-Oct-2020Daily Technical Quiz-9Daily Non-Technical Quiz-9
7-Oct-2020Daily Technical Quiz-10Daily Non-Technical Quiz-10
8-Oct-2020Daily Technical Quiz-11Daily Non-Technical Quiz-11
9-Oct-2020Daily Technical Quiz-12Daily Non-Technical Quiz-12
10-Oct-2020Daily Technical Quiz-13Daily Non-Technical Quiz-13
11-Oct-2020Daily Technical Quiz-14Daily Non-Technical Quiz-14
12-Oct-2020Daily Technical Quiz-15Daily Non-Technical Quiz-15
13-Oct-2020Daily Technical Quiz-16Daily Non-Technical Quiz-16
14-Oct-2020Daily Technical Quiz-17Daily Non-Technical Quiz-17
15-Oct-2020Daily Technical Quiz-18Daily Non-Technical Quiz-18
16-Oct-2020Daily Technical Quiz-19Daily Non-Technical Quiz-19
17-Oct-2020Daily Technical Quiz-20Daily Non-Technical Quiz-20
18-Oct-2020Daily Technical Quiz-21Daily Non-Technical Quiz-21
19-Oct-2020Daily Technical Quiz-22Daily Non-Technical Quiz-22
20-Oct-2020Daily Technical Quiz-23Daily Non-Technical Quiz-23
21-Oct-2020Daily Technical Quiz-24Daily Non-Technical Quiz-24
22-Oct-2020Daily Technical Quiz-25Daily Non-Technical Quiz-25
23-Oct-2020Mini Mock Quiz-1 
24-Oct-2020Mini Mock Quiz-2 
25-Oct-2020Mini Mock Quiz-3 
26-Oct-2020Mini Mock Quiz-4 

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