How to Improve General Awareness for SSC Exam 2022

By Ashwini Shivhare|Updated : November 8th, 2022

General Awareness Preparation: In this article, we will discuss the problem faced by the students in General Awareness preparation and the problem of cramming facts, and how to keep them in mind for a longer period. The General Awareness Section portion is so wide that we can’t cover it in a couple of days, it requires consistency. We can score goods marks in minimum time if our general Awareness portion is strong. This is the portion that can give us a lead over other students. As the students preparing for SSC EXAMS focus mainly on Math, English, and reasoning, they think that they can prepare it in the last few days before the exam. But at that time pressure is so high that they can’t cover it and miss the large portion of SSC CGL which will help in their aim of grabbing the group B and C jobs.

General Awareness Preparation Strategy for SSC Exams 2022

Topic-wise Question Weightage of General Awareness Section

General Awareness Topics


Current Affairs


Economy & Finance






Indian Polity & Constitution


Science & Technology


Static GK




Examine the Syllabus of General Awareness

First and foremost, you should examine the SSC CGL exam syllabus for the General Awareness portion and determine your strong and weak topics. You may also make a list of subjects that are you are good at and not so good at. This syllabus analysis will also provide you with a general sense of your existing knowledge on numerous areas, which will be useful in preparing a study plan.

General Awareness Section-wise Important Topics


Important Topics


Gravity, Work, Pressure, Units of Measurement, Sound, Heat, Magnetism, Electronics


Uses, Common Names and Composition of Various Chemicals, Alloys, Definition Based Questions (Heat, Oxidation, Reduction etc.), SI units, Chemical Change & Physical Change, Chemistry in Everyday life


Parts of Plant & their Functions, Parts of Human Body & their Functions, Basics of Animal Kingdom, Diseases, Prevention & Cure, Nutrients & Deficiency Diseases

Ancient History

Important Topics: Indus Valley Civilization, Buddhism & Jainism, Post-Mauryan Kingdoms, The Gupta Period, The Mauryans

Medieval History

Important Topics: Establishment & Expansion of the Delhi Sultanate, Religious Movements in the Fifteenth & Sixteenth Centuries, Mughal Dynasty, Later Mughals, The Maratha State

Modern History

Important Topics: European Penetration & British Conquest of India, Major Battles, Social & Cultural Awakening in India, The Great Revolt of 1857, Indian National Congress, Nationalist Movement, 1905-1918: Growth of Militant Nationalism, Struggle for Swaraj - I, 1919 – 1927, Struggle for Swaraj - II, 1927- 1947, Governors-General of India, Indian Princely States


Movement Of Earth, Winds Soils In India, Interior Of Earth, Ocean & Ocean Currents, Agriculture In India, Latitudes & Longitudes, Volcanoes & Earthquakes, Transportation In India, Solar System, Habitats, Mineral Resources In India, Atmosphere, Physical Features Of India, Forests In India, All you need to know about the States of India, Rivers In India, World Geo. Facts I.E. Continents in the World.


Framing Of The Constitution, President, Governor, Sources Of Indian Constitution, Vice President, Vidhan Sabha, Schedules & Parts Of Indian Constitution, Attorney General Of India, Vidhan Parishad, Chief Ministers, Comptroller Auditor General, Panchayats, Citizenship, Lok Sabha, Parliamentary Funds, Article 370, Rajya Sabha, Supreme Court, Emergency In India, Bills, High Court, Commissions, Prime Minister & Cabinet Ministers, Writs.


Development of Computers, Input & Output Devices, Memory, Abbreviations

Current Affairs

 Last 6 - 8 Months, Important government schemes, awards and honors, sports news, books and authors, new appointments, etc.

Prioritize the Topics to Cover

As we all very well know that the syllabus of general awareness is very vast and it is not possible to cover each and every topic. So, our aim should be to gain maximum marks with important topics keeping in mind the limited time. 

You should prioritize topics in three ways:

  • Prepare high weightage Subjects
  • Start with studying important topics of that particular subject
  • Prepare previous years questions from those important topics from each of the high weightage subjects
  • Identify weak areas and strong areas from those topics and practice questions on them 


For Eg: 

  • As per the Question weightage, you choose to study polity first as 2 - 3 questions are usually asked. 
  • From polity, you should start important topics, let us say you pick up Important articles
  • Now, start practicing previous years questions that are asked on articles of the Indian constitution
  • If you feel like, you are weak in any of the topics, allot more time and practice questions

Solve Previous Years Papers

You must go through the previous years' papers of the last five years. This would help you recognize the topics that are frequently asked in the SSC exams. In addition, during the preparation phase, practicing these papers can help you gain confidence and enhance your knowledge for the test. It has also been noted that the SSC occasionally frames similar types of queries. As a result, do not skip them.

How to Remember Facts of General Awareness?

This portion takes the quiz of every subject on a daily basis which will help you to focus on the types of questions asked in the SSC Exam and previous year's questions if you have any doubt regarding any facts you can clear them from books.  Buy only one book either Lucent or Manohar Pandey for reference and follow our app on regular basis.

Some easy steps:

  • Try to relate the facts or person name, location, or your surrounding.
  • Try to make the relation between facts.
  • Create your own short tricks and learn the facts with the help of short tricks which are already provided by us
  • Try to revise what you have learned within 24 hours.
  • Read history as a tale, not as a burden.
  • Create your interest in improving your knowledge.
  • Read questions with interest and don’t try to cram.
  • Make a habit of reading at least 100 to 120 questions on daily basis.
  • On the next day revise the question which you had read on the previous day.
  • Read the book to clear your concept.
  • Learn everything with interest and focus on its relevance in our life.

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Points to keep in Mind while preparing General Awareness

  • Try to score maximum marks without investing too much time. Your aim should not be to get 50/50 marks. Aim for 40 - 45 marks and that would be sufficient
  • Do not read topics in so much depth. You should study to get working knowledge
  • Revision is Must as it would consolidate whatever you have studied
  • Be ready to get surprised in the general awareness section. Question weightage keep shifting between static subjects and current affairs
  • Keep limited but qualitative study material

Dear students start your preparation with a new strategy and higher goal. Focus on the issues which are in news and try to relate with our GS portion.  Keep your mind and eyes only on your aim. Once you achieve your aim you will be the hero of your own life.

All The Best !!!


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