SSC CHSL Exam Revision Time, Expert Tips to Stay Focused & Motivated!

By Sachin Awasthi|Updated : March 30th, 2020

SSC CHSL Exam Revision Time: Expert Tips to Stay Focused & Motivated!!! The SSC CHSL exam has been postponed after 3 days of start, hence all the aspirants are quite agitated about it. There are so many questions coupled with anxieties coming through which is likely to cause dismay amongst the aspirants. If this is something you all are going through then here are some suggestions that may prove to be of your help!

Expert Tips to Stay Focused & Motivated | SSC CHSL Exam Postponement 

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The positive outlook:

The postponement of the exam gives you more time to prepare yourself and gives you an opportunity to pay attention to the fine details. This is applicable to all kind of exams you appear in, including SSC CHSL 2019 Exam. A postponement does not change things to a 180 degree. So our suggestion for you is to keep up your preparation as it was and boost your energy by reminding yourself that it is the time to polish and shine brighter than before.

Stay focused:

In a way or other, everything remains the same. Hence, stay focused and organized. Give yourself a proper schedule, follow it strictly. Go through everything, top to bottom, not paying attention to the negativity you receive from the people around you, be it your friends or family or some random person. Most importantly, don’t fall for any kind of rumours.

Don’t forget your aim:

Keep reminding yourself why you started your preparation. Remind yourself of the dreams, the thoughts, the aspirations you started your journey with.  If you can clearly think about it, everything will fall into place eventually and you will definitely achieve what you are struggling for.

Don’t overthink or overreact:

The exam has been postponed only owing to the national health emergencies. It is not cancelled. Hence, no need to stress yourself out. Stop overthinking about it. You already know the hurdles. The more you worry the less time you are left with. Hence, keep your heads up, and keep studying and revising and make everything a little more perfect every day. In the end, you will have a success tale to tell to your friends and this time it would be the real one, not the one with exaggerated quotes or context!!! You get me I suppose !!

Kill boredom:

During your free time, do what makes you happy (obviously, within your house premises). Give your mind some scope for recreation as boredom can kill motivation. So, you have to kill boredom anyway.

Motivate yourself:

It is your destination, so you need to keep the journey on. Only you can push yourself. Remind yourself about your strengths. Consider the support you have got so far. Tell yourself that you need to study for yourself, you are the only backup you can ever have.

Learn from the past:

You must know, there have been multiple times when SSC has postponed or cancelled the exams. But at the end of the day, people got selected and now they are doing what they aspired for. So, no need to get anxious. Just do your job and leave the rest on time.

We hope this will prove to be very helpful during this time of stress. It is absolutely fine to feel low at times, we all feel so, no shame in that. But you have to recover and fight back. And above all, take care of yourself, stay at home and prepare better. 

Good Luck Pals!



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