SSC CGL Tier III: Practice on Precis Writing

By Rahul Chadha|Updated : June 15th, 2018

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Precis writing is very important for your Tier III descriptive SSC CGL  Exam. It is the shortened form of passage and many students really have confusion in writing precis. We are going to clear all your confusions regarding precis writing and going to provide you some examples of precis writing for your better understanding.

How to write an effective precis writing???

  • Precis is the shortened from of passage.
  • Precis expresses the theme of the passage as briefly as possible.
  • You can use title of the precis from the idioms/phrases given in the main passage.
  • It should be written in past tense and indirect speech.
  • Precis must cover all the ideas given in a passage.
  • Precis should be understood by a reader without referring to the original passage as it should bring out gist of the passage in a few number of words.
  • Precis should not exceed One third of the words of passage.
  • Precis should be concise, clear and must make a connected whole.
  • It should specify points of a main passage in a logical order.
  • Avoid using exact word from the passage into the precis unless necessary.
  • Avoid words like In my opinion, I believe because it makes your precis a poor one.


Now we are going to provide you a passage and a good precis based on it. Try to read it carefully and practice in this way.


It is physically impossible for a well-educated, intellectual, or brave man to make money the chief object of his thoughts just as it is for him to make his dinner the principal object of them. All healthy people like their dinners, but their dinner is not the main object of their lives. So all healthy minded people like making money ought to like it and enjoy the sensation of winning it; it is something better than money.

A good soldier, for instance, mainly wishes to do his fighting well. He is glad of his pay—very properly so and justly grumbles when you keep him ten years without it—till, his main mission of life is to win battles, not to be paid for winning them. So of clergymen. The clergyman's object is essentially baptize and preach not to be paid for preaching. So of doctors. They like fees no doubt—ought to like them; yet if they are brave and well-educated the entire object to their lives is not fees. They on the whole, desire to cure the sick; and if they are good doctors and the choice were fairly to them, would rather cure their patient and lose their fee than kill him and get it. And so with all the other brave and rightly trained men: their work is first, their fee second—very important always; but still second.

Words: 232

Precis Writing

Work vs Money

Money-making is a common attraction in life. But it cannot be the principal aim of well educated, cultured and brave man. A brave soldier prizes honour and victory more than his pay. A good clergyman is more interested in the moral welfare of his people than his returns. A doctor (good) values the care of his patient far more than his fees. Thus with all the well-educated, intellectual persons, their work is first, money next.

Words: 75


When we survey our lives and efforts we soon observe that almost the whole of our actions and desires are bound up with the existence of other human beings. We notice that whole nature resembles that of the social animals. We eat food that others have produced, wear clothes that others have made, live in houses that others have built. The greater part of our knowledge and beliefs has been passed on to us by other people though the medium of a language which others have created. Without language and mental capacities, we would have been poor indeed comparable to higher animals.

We have, therefore, to admit that we owe our principal knowledge over the least to the fact of living in human society. The individual if left alone from birth would remain primitive and beast like in his thoughts and feelings to a degree that we can hardly imagine. The individual is what he is and has the significance that he has, not much in virtue of the individuality, but rather as a member of a great human community, which directs his material and spiritual existence from the cradle to grave.

Words: 192

Precis Writing

Human Being, A Social Animal

Being social animals, human beings have their actions and desires bound up with society. In matter of food, clothes, knowledge and belief they are interdependent. They use language created by others. Without language their mental power would not grow. They are superior to beast, because they live in human society. An individual life left alone from birth would grow utterly beast like. So human society and not individuality guides man's material and spiritual existence.

Words: 74

We have covered two precis writings to help you in your SSC CGL Tier III exam. With just few days left, we wish you all the very best for your exam. You have to be confident and calm on the exam day to crack it.

All the best!!!

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DurgeshOct 14, 2017

Great post
I shall be waiting for other similar post
Rahul vishwakarma
Thanks Nehaji
Rohit Arora

Rohit AroraOct 16, 2017

In SSC CGL TIER 3, Do we have to write words like " To, Is, Am, Are etc. H.V. & Prepositions" in each box ? @Neha Goyal
Pooja Rai

Pooja RaiJul 7, 2018

Thank you

VarshaJul 7, 2018

Pen and column paper mode is it?
Prashant Bithu
Can one share a list of things that are must to carry in the exam.
Hope it will help others too.
@Neha Goyal @Rahul Chadha
vivek kumar
Don't Think about the toughness of paper... ..just start your preparation now. have to follow only two words "HARD WORK"

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